Asked by Nancy  |  Submitted January 26, 2016

If my friend had bladder cancer 2 years ago, can he get life insurance now or is it too soon?

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January 26, 2016

Hello Nancy,

Some things to consider; time, cost, and need. With a short period of time like 2 years, the cost will be greater than if you wait since this will most likely be a rated policy, and so you have to consider the urgency of the need. I'm sure that you heard the "yes, your friend can get coverage" part of that. "How severe was the stage?" is one question. Another would be "what is the ongoing treatment, if any, at this time." This is a question that, when supported by personal information about the friend, can be better answered - but this is generally not a declinable health issue at 2 years.

To move forward, ask your advisor for a preliminary inquiry from multiple carriers. This amounts to putting their info in front of several carriers in order to know what they might do if this was a formal application. Done this way, the risk of an unfavorable outcome is reduced since this approach avoids an "official conclusion" that hits your friends records. Why might there be an unfavorable outcome? Because medical records tell more of the story that you or I may be aware of, and surprises can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Last item: this approach will tell you a lot about what can be done, It takes a bit of work for your advisor to get it done, but that is what we are here for. I hope that helps!


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