Asked by rclong55  |  Submitted April 18, 2016

if I purchase a used car for $ 7,500, with a down payment of $6,000, what will I need to do to qualify for a loan for the remainder?

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May 17, 2016

Hi rclong55, there are 2 main issues with getting a loan for a used car. 1) what is your credit rating, and 2) what is the value of the car? If the Blue Book value is less than $7,500 it will be almost impossible to get any financial institution to lend you the additional $1,500 regardless of how good your credit is. If it is valued at $7,500 or higher and you are able to put $6,000 down it should be fairly easy to obtain a loan from almost any financial institution even if your credit is below average. This all hinges on you being over 18 as well, if you aren't then there is nothing you can do with out having a legal guardian with you.

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