Asked by Elle Ekland  |  Submitted November 28, 2014

If I had to sell my house, can I get the property valued by a broker, or is it best by an appraiser?

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November 28, 2014

I suggest getting a value from a broker. They call this a comparable market analysis. It should consist of 3 comparable sales from in the past 90 days that are in your area with similar features and size to your home..

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December 02, 2014

They use much of the same info like past comparable sales. However, the market could be deceiving and moving faster than old data would suggest. Some sales prices may have been made based on what the banks would loan - which may have been determined by old data from a depressed market. I'd think a good broker would know or be closer to the market and sales value. Why pay for an appraisal when a broker will do it when listing the home?

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