Asked by Angie  |  Submitted August 19, 2015

If I am new to the world of investing, what is your recommendation on selecting a professional to assist me with beginning this process?

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August 20, 2015

Hi Angie, wonderful question! Well, there are a couple of different mind-sets to investing: 1) Investing in vehicles that are based on the stock market with potentially great gains but also potential loss, and 2) investing into vehicles that have a lower but guaranteed rate of return where you experience no loss. I say this because you should look for someone who understands both of these investment strategies and is open to both. This is because oftentimes you'll get a 'one or the other' type of adviser who either wouldn't touch the stock market with a ten-foot pole and will only help you with the guaranteed side, or one who will only look at the stock market as the investment strategy and would never help you with guarantees. Do your best to find one who espouses both strategies as well as understands annuities and cash-value life insurance and you'll be good to go. Let me know if you have more questions and best wishes!

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