Asked by Debra  |  Submitted February 07, 2017

I would like to explore the possibility of refinancing our mortgage, pulling out equity to pay off some bills, and locking in a 15 year fixed rate mortgage. Is that possible?

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February 08, 2017

Whether or not you qualify for a loan can be determined by a lot of variables. Your current income, your current credit score and credit history, and more. You can contact one of our mortgage brokers for further consultation by using the search function here on

Also, you have an incomplete registration for Credit Manager by MoneyTips. Definitely finish that process, so you know where you stand. You should also consider an upgrade to a Premium Membership to gain access to a variety of tools to help you build your credit, and even to help remove items that you believe are errors. With the premium product, you’ll have the ability to communicate directly with creditors and resolve items that negatively impact your credit. Click here to upgrade.

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