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I want to put an offer in on a condo that is listed for $100,000. Could I offer 7,000 below list, with 5% down?

One firm took one for 125,000 down 7 grand. 160 days on market. If the offer is refused, when can I come back?

I am a first time buyer so I don't want to mess up on the offer.

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February 05, 2016

A Buyer can offer whatever terms they want, however, yes, you want to be strategic if you are serious about buying said property. As a licensed real estate agent, I would highly recommend you contacting a local, licensed and experienced Realtor who can assist you with your first time home purchase.

They would be able to assist in determining the best strategy (could be such an offer you mention with some additional "perks" such as a faster closing close or no loan contingency, etc.etc.". Obviously it needs to be fit to what you can afford but your Realtor will have the knowledge, expertise and ability to determine what IS a best offer.
Hope this helps. Good luck!
Best, Ken

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