Asked by trish  |  Submitted September 10, 2015

I need to get a loan to fix our roof, and cannot borrow against the house. We have average to above average credit. Where should we look first?

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September 14, 2015

Hi Trish, the first place to look would be your bank or credit union. Lending has opened back up to providing Personal Signature loans with some banks or non-collateral loans and if you have good credit, that's always a possibility. Next would be certain credit cards that may offer enough of a balance to cover the cost of that roof but the best case scenario there would be that you don't put more than 30% balance to limit debt on that card so it doesn't hurt your credit score. If you go above 50% balance to limit, your score can lower. So, if the cost to fix your roof is $5,000, the best case would be to get a card with a $17,000 limit or at worst, a $10,000 limit so you don't go over that 50% limit. Finally, another option to consider is your 401(k) - you can borrow up to 50% or $50,000, whichever is less, from your 401(k) and then you're paying yourself back (depending on your plan's administrator). Ultimately, though, whatever you decide to do, make sure you have the capacity to make those monthly payments. You want to build your credit, not hurt it. Hope this helps and let me know if I can be of more detailed assistance by contacting me directly.

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