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I just retired and have to do a 401(k) rollover. Can I leave it in same fund as when I was working there?

Where can I compare IRA results to know where to rollover my 401(k) to an IRA?

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May 23, 2017

Absolutely! Generally, you can leave it in the same fund as long as you can find the fund and fund family at the custodian (financial institution) where your IRA Rollover will reside. For example, if you own a fund within your 401k and roll that over to an IRA in kind. In this case, you will have an "in kind" transfer that will not cause likely tax consequences. This is where you roll that amount into your new Rollover IRA. There is a potential challenge that may come into play. If the fund you own in the 401k is Proprietary, it is unlikely that you will find that exact fund. In this case, you might be forced to sell.
Moreover, you are best to seek advice from a qualified professional. You may find it helpful to look into the IRA Rollover Rules at

My answer to your question should not be considered investment advice. Rather it is addressing your question in general terms.

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