Asked by Tony  |  Submitted February 25, 2014

I have met the love of my life and am planning to move in with her.

Problem is, she has recently declared bankruptcy, and I am worried about how this will effect my credit if we get married.

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February 25, 2014


First, congratulations. Second, this is a great question and one that I would also advise having your CPA (or tax preparer) and a financial adviser answer as well.

Your intended's credit will have no effect on your credit just because you get married. However in the world of mortgages for example where I live, this is a situation that could effect your ability to qualify on a mortgage loan for a home that you may want to buy. For example, if you are purchasing a home together and the lender pulls a credit report, they will see the bankruptcy (which will be only on your fiance's record, not yours). Although the bankruptcy is not yours, nor is it on your record, because you are trying to qualify for the home purchase together, this may become a problem and you might need to explore qualifying on your own.

I hope this helps and good luck.

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September 18, 2014

Individuals have their own credit files even after marriage. Applying for joint credit can be affected by a bankruptcy on either applicant's records. Good luck!

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October 23, 2014

My wife never pays her bills on time either. Run for the hills! Ha..just a little humor to break up the polite talk. Why is it always someone in Hermosa Beach asking so many questions is the question? Lots of curious people in that city with money questions.

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November 06, 2014

Congratulations Tony

This question can only be answered by a Bankruptcy and Estate attorney. CPA or Financial advisors can't tell you how your credit will be effected if you get married to someone who has declared bankruptcy.

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November 17, 2015

It wont affect your credit directly...if you choose to apply for credit jointly - you will be affected

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April 02, 2016

Hi Tony,

Do you love this person and want to marry her? Well, wedding vows can play a significant role in answering this. Now, if this is just a business arrangement, we will need to review you & your proposed spouses complete financial records to render a financial opinion into the M&A deal. A prenuptial agreement may help. Check with your Attorney and your state regulators for about this.

We invite you to contact us directly do explore this in greater detail.

It's not what you make, It's what you keep that determines your lifestyle.

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