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I have divorce papers that states we alternate claiming my son on our taxes. My ex has claimed every year. How do I report this? i

I am to claim every other year and for the past 5 years my ex husband completes his taxes first so I am not able to get the credit for my son. I pay his health insurance, clothes for school, laptop for school, glasses or contacts. I do not get to claim any of that and he gets to claim it on his return. My son is 19 but living with his girlfriend since he graduated High School so he does not even live at his fathers home either. How can I redo my taxes and get the credit and refund I deserve based on the divorce papers?

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April 27, 2016


This can be a problem for both parents. Rather than tell you which of you is eligible, there is a process:
Do you have the signed IRS form 8332? Bring this to the attention of your attorney.

Also, here is a link for information on eligibility to claim a dependent;

You can also contact the IRS or fill out form 3949A

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