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I have been considering going for my Ph.D. because I am an assistant professor and can't get a raise or be promoted without it.

I am also 61 years old and wonder if the money would be worth it in the end. I plan to continue teaching college and do the degree online. Thoughts?

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September 25, 2014

Having a Ph.D. is a great advantage. Not everyone can achieve such a educational pursuit. Being promoted with your Ph. D. will no doubt speak of your credentials and means better financial rewards.

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November 08, 2014

2 answer
Maarten Ultee, PhD

Whether a PhD will expand your employability depends on your field, the employer's need for specialized talent/training/experience, and the general conditions of academic life. Colleges are reducing their full-time teaching staff and using part-time "adjuncts" instead. In major cities and university towns, many PhDs struggle to survive under this exploitative system, which offers no prospect of stable employment. You are likely to encounter age discrimination as well. So if you are already employed and tenured, you would probably not benefit from additional courses and degrees UNLESS your current employer asks/tells/pays you to get more education.
I wish I could agree with Mr. Abu, but business types tend to respect PhDs only in very specialized fields--finance, engineering, statistics... not those in liberal arts and sciences.
Don’t waste your time and money on dubious on-line programs from fly-by-night institutions. Use your remaining active years to plan for your retirement. I write as a social science PhD retired professor with 35 years of academic experience and a business career on the side. Good luck to you!

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