Asked by Gbrown9014  |  Submitted October 17, 2016

I have a rider on my insurance that was supposed to drop off at age 60 but hasn't. What can I do?

And what will be the process to convert my policy to a retirement when I turn 62 in January?

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October 25, 2016

Two questions. First, it will depend on the "rider" that you have. Some are baked in and do not come off. Others may be added on for a period of time and then drop off (I wonder if this is a rider at all and not a flat extra). If you want to dig into it, I suggest that you call your carrier and start asking questions. Second question: the term "conversion" in life insurance has a specific meaning - going from term to permanent with the same policy. I suspect that you mean to say, "How do I begin to withdraw money from my life insurance policy at a certain age?" but given the context here it is not possible to be sure. Same answer as before: check with your carrier after looking at your latest statement of cash accumulation. Then ask the questions that you are asking here. They have the details; no one without those details can give you very detailed and accurate info.


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