Asked by Joseph  |  Submitted May 20, 2018

I don’t know what to do. I had two past due loan accounts that have since been paid in full and closed out. I only had 1 credit card that has been paid/closed.

These old past due accounts are hurting my score badly. I understand that, but I can't even get any other credit card company to give me a credit card. I can’t do anything because my score was damaged so badly that it's now at 518. What can I possibly do to fix or improve my score? I have no open accounts and I can’t open any new accounts either to make payments on to help my score. I can’t get any credit to even be able to use just 30% of it to help my score. I am completely lost and desperate. Please help me figure out any things I can possibly try to improve my score, or to make it to where I can even be approved for any type of credit at all. ANYTHING PLEASE HELP!

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May 24, 2018

Hello Joseph. Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your credit like this. Perhaps you could try getting a secured credit card to show that you are capable of making your card payments on time and build up your credit that way. Good luck!

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