Asked by Sujith  |  Submitted January 17, 2015

I am planning to invest money in the stock market. What are the companies i can invest in to get profit in short term?

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January 17, 2015

If only it were that easy! Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when investing in companies or the stock market. As they say "no risk, no reward."

If you'll need access to your monies in the short term, it's best to remain in cash and not risk that amount. Investing in the stock market is for the long-term (at least five years).

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June 04, 2016

Hi Sujith
There are many strategies that offer short term profits and there are many that offer long term losses. Keep an open mind and understand that more risk does not mean more reward.

Here are the 4 ingredients or 4 M's
1. The firm needs to be within your circle of competence-It must have Meaning
2. The firm needs to have competent management with integrity- Management
3. It must have a durable competitive economic advantage-A strong Moat
4. You need to know the intrinsic value and buy it on sale-Margin of Safety

You are looking for a wonderful business at a fair price. Not a fair business at a wonderful price. Understand the difference?

Now, after you have read the 10ks or 20ks and everything else to arrive at your 4'ms. Feel free to tell us what you decided to do or you can just contact us directly and we can customize something for you. No obligation.

Its not what you make; Its what you keep that determines your lifestyle

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