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I am looking into a self directed IRA with check writing functionality for the purchase of a rental property. Any opinions on this?

I will be funding the IRA by transferring a percentage from an ESOP plan to the IRA.

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May 24, 2016

Hi Anonymous,

Most every major brokerage can add check writing to your IRA account. If Self-directed is offered (some do not offer this), it should have no specific influence on check writing approval. Keep in mind there may be added fees, account minimums, minimum amounts for checks, IRA regs, etc.

Some specific firms that our folks use (we actively manage their self-directed accounts per their ROI requirements) are Interactive Brokers, TDAmeritrade, & Vanguard, For specialized investments (REITs, Hedge Funds, etc) we use Kingdom Trust as a third party custodian. They are great with the ERISA regs., etc.

Contact us directly and we can put you in touch with our contact person to assist with a smooth transition. No obligation

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