Asked by trish  |  Submitted December 15, 2015

I am a SAHM, with two small children. What would be the best option for me to help contribute to our retirement funds?

My husband recently signed up for a 401(k) plan through his work.

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December 16, 2015

Your question was brought to my attention and I am happy to provide what help I can. As a strategic life, entrepreneurship, and wealth consultant, I hear this question a lot. First, congratulations for being a SAHM, I know that it is a lot of hard work. I know that it takes a lot of planning to handle two small kids, a husband, and a home. I also know that at the end of the day you probably feel exhausted, and rightfully so. This brings us to the bad news, good news part of this conversation.

The bad news is that I have no idea of where you and your husband are financially, and/or budget wise. I also don't know what your economic, social, and religious beliefs are, which all play a big part of your and your husband's decision-making process, affecting your family's security, standard of living, quality of life, and lifestyle. So it is difficult for me to make specific recommendations that could dramatically help you successfully achieve your retirement objectives and goals.

The good news is that I can provide you with general suggestions that can give you some general ideas on how to help contribute to your retirement fund.

1. Planning. As a SAHM you most likely have and live by some kind of formal or informal routine or plan. Revisit that plan often to see where you can save time and money or both. Planning is the single most important step in successfully achieving your objectives and goals. Look for ways to save on the things you can around the home.

2. Advisors. Both you and your husband should together actively seek out many advisors. King Solomon stated that "plans fail from lack of council, and succeed with many advisors." On my business cards I share that "we all make money because of what we know, we lose money because of what we don't know, and we don't know what it is we don't know." Having many advisors helps us to discover what we don't know, or at the very least, and more importantly, they help us to ask the right questions to obtain the answers we need.

3. Help people. Something else that I share with people is that "money naturally flows to people who solve other people's most pressing problems." As a SAHM I am sure you know other SAHMs who may need help that you are able to provide and that they may be willing to pay for that help. Any money you receive can be put toward your retirement objectives and goals.

If you want more specific suggestions feel free to contact me. Hope this helps.

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