Asked by christinadiez  |  Submitted February 28, 2016

I am 65 years old, I don't work anymore I have 37 work points, can I retire when I am 66? How much can I collect?

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February 28, 2016

Hello Christina, with only "37 work points" or less than 40 credits you are not eligible for social security retirement. Given needing only 3 additional credits, I recommend contacting social security on-line and verify your work history to ensure all your work history has been recorded accurately. You may also consider working part-time to acquire the needed credit. You can contact social security via the following: or 800.772.1213.
Thanks for asking Moneytips, and good luck!

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March 01, 2016

While you don't mention it, but I would also suggest that if you are, or have been married that when you contact Social Security that you also ask if you might qualify for Spousal or Survivor Benefits. If you are qualified to receive benefits as a former spouse or as a widow, they can help you figure out if you would receive a greater amount under those rules, or if you would receive a larger benefit if you returned to work for those additional three months. Additionally, there may be circumstances where by earning an amount equal to, or greater than a certain threshold you might be qualified to receive a higher amount by working for either a longer period of time, or at a greater pay amount so as to qualify for a greater monthly stipend. There are just too many variables for me to advise you as to how to maximize that monthly SSAN amount without a lot of personal information that I would not recommend that you post to any website, even if that means that you may need to drive to the nearest SS Office after making a an appointment for a review. That way you can meet with someone who has access to your entire SS Record, & who can answer these questions, as well as to verify the accuracy of the records that either you, or SS have, & to have help in calculating how to maximize your benefits. Finally, depending upon your health, reason for leaving your last employment, etc. You can also determine if you may qualify for disability payments.

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