How Your Federal Tax Dollars are Spent (Infographic)

Learn Where Your Tax Dollars Go

How Your Federal Tax Dollars are Spent (Infographic)
April 18, 2016 Facing a high tax bill? Ever wonder what the government is doing with your hard-earned dollars? Check out our above infographic to see how each $100 you pay in taxes is spent (using 2015 data), then compare it to the breakdown of 2013 spending in our earlier infographic.
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Elaine | 04.19.16 @ 13:50
Very interesting breakdown. I oftened wonder how much went to certain programs.
irene | 04.19.16 @ 13:51
Interesting to see where all the money ends up
STOKES | 04.19.16 @ 13:51
I normally enjoy these infographics but seeing how much we spend on the military is a little disheartening.
Jonathan | 04.19.16 @ 13:52
Not in any way that it's used well lol
Steffanie | 04.19.16 @ 13:54
Very good to know what they are doing with our money. Seem they could do some adjusting with their numbers though.
Erin | 04.19.16 @ 13:55
I would definitely prioritize some of the areas over others that were chosen instead, but I guess I don't get much say in that. I'd rather more money was going toward education and the environment than the military (or at least put more towards the vets), but that's just me.
Sarah | 04.19.16 @ 13:58
you know, I never stopped to think on where it went. This is pretty interesting.
Selena | 04.19.16 @ 14:07
I personally wish more went into environmental concerns and science, myself.
Heather | 04.19.16 @ 14:19
Definitely think they need to rearrange where their priorities are. Sad that individual taxes account 4 to 1 on corporate taxes. Especially when so many of those companies have shipped American jobs overseas.
Wanda Langley | 04.22.16 @ 14:55
Interesting comparing the difference between 2013 and 2015 to see the change in percentages.
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