How We Searched For Our Homes (2016 Infographic)

Keys to Homeownership – Part 1

How We Searched For Our Homes (2016 Infographic)
September 19, 2016

Looking to buy a new home but not sure where to start? Take a look at our infographic above to learn how other Americans searched for – and found – their homes according to a 2016 study. In the next installment of this series of MoneyTips infographics, we explore how U.S. homeowners chose the homes they bought. We hope this information will help provide you with the keys to homeownership.

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Zanna | 09.19.16 @ 16:54
That's certainly true for us. We used an agent, found her through a friend's recommendation, she helped with price, what we could afford, and paperwork and we'd definitely use her again!
Erin | 09.19.16 @ 16:54
I'm surprised the percentage of people starting their search on the internet is not higher in this day and age. When we bought our house, our real estate agent was a gem, and I felt much more confident having her in our corner. I don't think I would buy a house without an expert on my side.
Carla | 09.19.16 @ 16:57
I would have loved to have this infographic when we were shopping for our home. The process is exhausting. I second guessed myself so much and missed out on some great prospects. I wish we had hired a real estate agent from the start. We took a lot more time to look around than the average in this graphic. Home buying has come a long way in the last 20 years.
Steffanie | 09.19.16 @ 17:00
I know we were so thankful for our realtor when we bought our home. She was so helpful and such a blessing. I will definitely show this infographic to out daughter as she is starting her own adventure in to the world of 'home owners'.
Chrisitna | 09.19.16 @ 17:52
I really love all the options there are to search for a home online now. Having an agent is definitely a must in certain areas (like the one I live in) because properties are moving faster than you can even schedule a showing if you aren't looking at the MLS listings as they first come up!
gracie | 09.20.16 @ 14:55
I am surprised that more people don't look up info on the area and schools and crime and things? It is always the first thing I look for when I am looking at something to buy. I think an agent can be very valuable at the end of the process but in the looking and locating stages I have always found the internet and good ole getting out into the areas that caught my interest and driving around grabbing a cup of coffee or a bite to eat in places I feel like would interest me, taking a stroll through the local grocery stores and things I would be shopping at to see if I like the feel of a place enough to want to live there long term.
Crystal | 09.20.16 @ 15:51
I've always used an agent and started my search at I also peruse the MLS listings for the state. The Internet facilitates all of this now!
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