How We Chose Our Homes (2016 Infographic)

Keys to Homeownership – Part 2

How We Chose Our Homes (2016 Infographic)
September 26, 2016

What is the average age and size of an American home recently bought and sold? Which important factors should you consider in a home purchase? Discover what the most common reasons for choosing a home are in our infographic above.

Last week we looked at how Americans searched for their homes. Our next infographic will focus on how homebuyers juggle their finances to cover their down payments.

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Daniel | 09.26.16 @ 14:50
I appreciate the way this is laid out and gives some interesting information. The reasons for buying i think i learned from there
Zanna | 09.26.16 @ 14:50
I find it very interesting that the median distance for a move to a different house seemed to increase for each age bracket, the older groups moving farther away from their previous home. I would have expected it to be the reverse.
Chrisitna | 09.26.16 @ 14:56
Interesting statistics! I wouldn't have thought so many people moved to avoid doing renovations/avoid problems with major systems.
Sarah | 09.26.16 @ 15:01
I love infographics. they make information so much easier for me to digest. there are some interesting stats on this one, too.
Rindy | 09.26.16 @ 17:53
I can completely relate to this, we bought an already built home. We made some changes and made it our own 24 years ago and couldn't be happier. I find it interesting that the median changed with the various age groups. We are considering making a 500 mile move because our parents are gone and nothing is really holding us here anymore.
Robynne | 01.10.17 @ 06:16
When I grow up I want to be just like you, however, I am getting older and would like to get some of your knowledge as I am opening a nonprofit homeless shelter, feel free to email me if you feel like sharing.
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