Asked by Yunas  |  Submitted January 17, 2015

How we can remove the overwhelming of millennials with debt?

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January 17, 2015

Hi Yunas. It's up to each person how much and what kind of debt they acquire. One of the things I highlighted in "The Millennial Next Door: How To Be Financially Successful in Your 20s" was missteps successful millennials made. Some regretted spending lavishly on credit, taking on more student loans than they needed, buying an expensive car, etc. One of the hopes with that is that other millennials will learn from their mistakes and evaluate whether certain debts are necessary.

The largest debt millennials have is student loan debt, but being the most highly educated generation in history, that education could play out very well in the long-term. I believe we'll continue creating great businesses, innovating, and being involved in political, economic and environmental issues to positively carry this world forward.

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