Asked by Daniel  |  Submitted December 11, 2015

How viable is investment properties as a supplement to retirement savings / income?

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December 14, 2015

Hello Daniel,
I have worked in real estate now for almost 8 years and both my parents have worked in real estate and mortgage industry for almost 29 years now. With this experience in mind, I can tell you that I personally worked very hard to buy some investment properties. I also worked to ensure I never went above 65% of the value on the property so I would have decent equity in them. I did pay some off finally.
Real Estate is something I understand and am familiar with. Any investment is really a risk but if you do your math and figure out the various costs upfront and then ensure you always set aside your 20% for reserves, you should do well.
I find it a current smart investment as well as a nice solid investment in the future for my kids.
I did a lot of homework before buying my first rental, Including talking to some other Landlords and Management offices as well as friends I found who owned rentals.
Hope the above helps.

Best, Ken - Another Guy in the White Hat
Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate
California Hard Money Broker Serving all of CA since 1988

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December 15, 2015

It can be a great alternative asset with good cash flow as long as it is part of your diversified retirement portfolio. Make sure you have plenty of liquidity so you don't ever need to sell the real estate- should be a long term holding. Passive or active management another thing to deal with.

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