How To Hire A Free Personal Shopper

More Retailers offering Personal Shopper as Free Service

How To Hire A Free Personal Shopper
January 4, 2016

Competition has been heating up for clothing retailers. Brick and mortar stores, which once were the only option for buying clothing, now have to compete with their online ecommerce rivals. On top of that, specialty clothing subscription services have been growing in popularity, too.

Due to this increased competition, many physical retailers have turned to offering free personal shoppers to add value for their customers. These shopping assistants help their clients find the perfect outfits and accessories for anything from a small party to their everyday wardrobe. So how can you – not a Hollywood celebrity, we’re guessing – hire someone to help you shop for free?

Different Types of Free Personal Shoppers

There are different types of free personal shoppers offering a variety of services, depending on what you are looking for. Many retailers employ these shopping helpers within their physical locations. Some will even open up their respective stores early or keep them open late to fit your hectic schedule.

If you are just looking for some quick suggestions or someone to answer your questions about online purchases, many retailers also offer consultations with shopping assistants via phone call, email, or directly through their website. These store employees can often answer questions that you may have about an outfit before you order if you cannot find the answers elsewhere on the store's website.

Finding Stores That Offer Free Personal Shoppers

Finding stores that offer this service to their customers is often much easier than most people would imagine. The first way to find free personal shopper programs is through retailers' websites. For instance, here are details about the program at Macy's.

Another option is calling your favorite stores to see if they offer this or a similar service. A typical employee may not be aware if shopping assistants are available at their location, so ask to speak with a manager to make sure you get the correct story, as well as the full details on how their program works. Alternatively, if you are out shopping, you can always stop by the store and ask in person.

Just to give you an idea, some stores besides Macy’s that offer free personal shoppers include:

  • Nordstrom
  • Bloomingdale's
  • Anthropologie
  • J. Crew
  • White House | Black Market

Make sure to check with your particular location, as these services may not be available at every store.

Watch out for Your Money

Having a free personal shopper can give your confidence a boost while helping you find the perfect outfit for your needs. However, that often comes at a hefty price, even though many companies do not directly charge consumers for their services.

Shopping assistants may suggest items that you never would have considered otherwise and they could encourage you to spend more money than if you simply went shopping by yourself. Even if your typical shopping trip price tag stays the same, many personal shoppers will call you later to let you know of the newest deals.

This practice encourages more trips to the store than you would have otherwise taken and could cost you more in the long run. Some shopping assistants even work on commission, so it makes sense for commissioned employees to encourage you to spend as much as you can.

Retailers offer free shopping assistants as a courtesy to their customers, but they would not offer this service if it did not increase their profit. Always be on the lookout for your hard-earned money. Using these or similar services can benefit you greatly as long as you watch how much you spend.

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Erin | 01.05.16 @ 15:27
I guess having a personal shopper would be nice in some cases, but I just prefer to do any shopping myself. Now, if it were for groceries, sign me up!
Steffanie | 01.05.16 @ 15:29
I personally prefer to do my own shopping, but I would also be willing to spend other people's money and shop for them.
Alec | 01.05.16 @ 15:29
I would absolutely use this service if it were offered at a wider variety of places. I have the fashion sense of a paper bag and need all the help I can get!
irene | 01.05.16 @ 15:31
Great info! I had no idea you could get a shopper for free.
Carla | 01.05.16 @ 15:33
A friend of mine has made really good money as a personal shopper. I have often gotten advice from her for free.
STOKES | 01.05.16 @ 15:36
I love the idea of a personal shopper. I hate shopping and I don't have any fashion sense. Now if only she could try on the clothes too...
Jackie | 01.05.16 @ 15:36
This would be a great convenience for me. I have difficulty getting around and as a result, shopping isn't something I enjoy.
Owen | 01.05.16 @ 15:38
I need a personal shopper for everything!! I would spend so much less money
Jonathan | 01.05.16 @ 15:40
My wife could use this then I wouldn't basically have to be it lol.
Leslie | 01.05.16 @ 15:47
I would drive a personal shopper crazy because I mostly buy clothes when they're on sale. It's good to know these services are available though.
joann | 01.05.16 @ 15:50
It is always nice to get another person's opinion about what would look great on me!!
Lori Felix | 02.10.16 @ 16:51
I'm a personal shopper for Shop Your Way and my services are free. You also earn points your purchases which you can deduct from your next purchase. In addition to Sears, Kmart, Lands End, there are hundreds of partner stores too such as Target, Walmart, Old Navy + many more. I love to help and will simply email you suggestions - you do the buying, but again no obligation.
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