Video: How the Military Shaped my Approach to Personal Finance

From Baghdad to Budgeting with Jeff Rose, CFP

November 4, 2020

Jeff Rose, CFP (@jeffrose), of believes we can learn a lot about finances from the military, and he ought to know. After nine years in the Army National Guard—including 15 months in Iraq — he doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk. The Midwestern financial planner and blogger tells MoneyTips co-founder Michael Dubrow what he learned about personal finance from the military in this exclusive video.

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Brittany | 11.09.16 @ 17:14
This was a great video. I can see how the military would definitely play a large role in financial views.
Carla | 11.09.16 @ 17:15
The military does a lot to shape a person so it only makes sense that it would give the men and women who serve come out with a better understanding of their finances.
Jane | 11.09.16 @ 17:37
I agree that discipline is the key to having a good handle on personal finance.
Nancy | 11.09.16 @ 18:01
I agree 100% The military not only teaches discipline but they also teach consequences when you make mistakes. They teach you to take responsibility for those mistakes and it is a lifelong lesson.
Daniel | 11.09.16 @ 19:26
A great original viewpoint into finances, never underestimate what the military can teach
Zanna | 11.09.16 @ 20:17
The military teaches budgeting and saving, in large part due to the low salaries the enlisted men and women get. It can be a tough adjustment, and it's important to know how to live within your means.
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