Asked by Kathryn  |  Submitted October 02, 2015

How soon should I start saving for my retirement?

I'm 18 and my fiancé is 23.

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October 03, 2015

You should have already started :-) The earlier you start saving for retirement the greater the opportunity for your money to grow. Money grows exponentially over time so just by starting early you will have an advantage over someone who has larger amounts to save but who starts later. As soon as you have earned income from a job you can open a tax-advantaged retirement account. Until then, start putting money into a savings account and then into an investment account for your retirement. Don't forget to create an emergency fund first - you don't want to have to touch invested money in the case of an emergency. A good financial advisor will review all of your financial needs and goals - current and future, and put in place a plan that is best for you and makes saving and investing simple.

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