How Rich Are The People In Your State?

Forget Red and Blue States – how about Rich and Poor States!

How Rich Are The People In Your State?
June 6, 2016 In some states, you only need to earn six figures to rank in the top 1%; in many, you need seven. You'll never guess which state has the highest average annual income of the top 1%! Our infographic also shows the median household income for each state. Where do you rank?
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Steffanie | 06.06.16 @ 23:01
This is kind of mind boggling. I really thought my state would be higher.
Selena | 06.06.16 @ 23:04
I actually figured my state would be lower than it is. Didn't think a state with a lot of farms would make all that much.
Erin | 06.06.16 @ 23:09
I'm not surprised to see my state near the top (although I wasn't expecting it to be first). There is a lot of old money floating around these parts, plus the suburbs outside of D.C., etc. It would be interesting to see how the states stack up according to cost-of-living though. It's pretty expensive to live in MD compared to the surrounding states.
Carla | 06.06.16 @ 23:16
I'm not surprised to see Alabama in the lower section of the graphic. We are really short of decent paying jobs here.
Heather | 06.06.16 @ 23:23
Wow! I am so surprised Ohio is in the bottom portion. Knowing how much old money is just in my city, I thought we'd be much higher.
irene | 06.06.16 @ 23:27
We seem pretty average for my state
Chrisitna | 06.06.16 @ 23:29
I moved from Ohio to Texas, and not only is the average household income higher here, there are no state or local taxes like you get dinged with in Ohio :). You get to keep more of your money, which works for me!
Leah | 06.06.16 @ 23:31
HA! No one is that rich in my state. We are just trying to stay afloat paying rent.
Elaine | 06.06.16 @ 23:32
Not really shocked by where my state landed. It's sad but I think my area is too "entitled" to really change our placement.
Victor colon | 06.06.16 @ 23:35
if it was not here i would not beleive the huuge difference, the one percent gets compared to the rest
JIM | 06.17.16 @ 12:05
Wow - Who knew about WY? Apparently the really rich..
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