How Often Should You Check Your Credit?

The answer might surprise you...

Michael Zaino
President & CEO, TZG Financial in Charlotte, NC

How Often Should You Check Your Credit?
August 31, 2016

Part of my job as a retirement specialist is to look at the complete financial picture of each of my clients, including credit scores. I suggest that they take advantage of the annual free report they are entitled to by law, and I also like for them to sign-up for a free reporting service such as Credit Karma (not paid endorsement, but rather a first-hand-user testimonial); these services provide opportunity for free monthly score alerts and aid in early detection of fraud. The scores are not the exact numbers that the credit bureaus report, but I have found that they are fairly close and err on the side of caution. They also offer advice for how to improve your scores.

If they are considering making any large purchases that require financing, it is extremely important for them to know where they stand prior to applying for a loan. If anything seems off, 90 days should allow plenty of time for a dispute/investigation and resolution to take place. Further still, if identity theft and fraud are concerns, there are several reputable and affordable monitoring services that will go to bat for you should you ever become compromised.

Bio: As the President and CEO of TZG Financial, Mike is doing what he professionally loves the most: building relationships and providing his clients with financial security. Mr. Zaino is a qualifying and accepted member of the National Ethics Association. He is among an elite group of advisors who have passed the most comprehensive background check in the financial services industry. A rigorous background check is conducted every year to qualify as a member. Mike is also a verified member of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association.

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