How Much Donald Trump Says He's Worth

Reveals From Trump's Financial Disclosure Form

How Much Donald Trump Says He's Worth
July 27, 2015

What is The Donald worth? Who really knows? Donald Trump himself probably does not know, but during his latest presidential campaign, he has claimed a net worth of over $10 billion. On Wednesday, 22 July 2015, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released Trump's 92-page financial disclosure form listing Trump's assets and liabilities, and the answer on Trump's net worth is still "Who really knows?"

The FEC forms were not made to handle a candidate with Trump's wealth and complexity of holdings. Assets and income are listed in broad ranges, including the category of "over $50 million." Trump listed 23 assets as being over $50 million, containing the most valuable real estate entities (the majority of Trump's wealth). Over thirty other entities (mostly licensing arrangements) did not list a value, containing the phrase "value not readily ascertainable."

The low mark for Trump's assets is $1.4 billion and surely, they are far more than that. Debt is similarly difficult to pin down as four of the fifteen sources of debt are listed as "over $50 million," but the total appears to exceed $260 million. Total income tops $380 million, but again the ranges make it impossible to get a final value.

Simply listing the business interests and positions held takes up more pages than some candidates might need for their entire form. In the first category, Filer's Positions Held Outside the United States Government (business ventures, partnerships, chairmanships, memberships, presidencies, and trusts), Trump lists 515 different ventures. All but 28 of them are still active — and over half of the venture's names start with "Trump." Trump is listed as "President" at some point in over 85% of the ventures. Who says Trump doesn't have Presidential experience?

Here are some of the other interesting tidbits from the financial form.

  • Golf Courses/Resorts – While Trump's real estate holdings tend to be associated with offices and residential buildings, golf courses and resorts bring in around half of his income. These developments netted around $200 million in income, led by $49 million from Trump National Doral in Miami..

  • Speaking Engagements – Trump earned $1.75 million from speeches, ranging from $50,000 from the International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc. to three $450,000-each speeches at ACN Inc., a marketing company in the telecommunications field. .

  • Pension – Thanks to The Apprentice, Trump earned a $110,000 pension from the Screen Actors Guild. .

  • Books – Of the Donald's fourteen books, only three brought in royalties above $200 during the filing period, led by the two most recent ones: 2011's Time to Get Tough at $50,000-$100,000 and 2009's Think Like A Champion at $5,000-$15,000. 1987's The Art of the Deal is still hanging in there at $15,000-$50,000 in royalties..

  • Name Value – Trump earned at least $9.5 million in licensing the Trump name to other ventures, and his wife Melania earned $105,000 from licensing deals on skin-care and fashion products, among other things. This area will likely take a hit given the sponsorships that Trump alienated with his comments.

  • Other Assets – At least $78 million of the Donald's assets are in stocks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and gold. Most of the stock holdings are in solid Fortune 500 companies including Apple, AT&T, Nike, and Microsoft. Trump holds two large (by our standards) checking and savings accounts; one with JPMorgan Chase, containing between $1 million and $5 million, and a Capital One account, containing $5 million-$25 million.

For those of you with a free afternoon (or couple of days) to peruse it, the full 92-page form may be read online here.

Given that much of Trump's holdings are in real estate and trademarks — assets that are difficult to quantify — it is not surprising that his net worth is still a matter of debate. In the end, does anybody really care how much Donald Trump is worth? The real question is whether he is fit to be President of the United States.

A growing number of Republicans seem to think so. As of this writing Trump holds a double-digit lead in the polls over his fifteen Republican rivals, despite inflammatory statements — and perhaps because of them. Hang on, folks; it is going to be an interesting primary season.

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Angie | 08.12.15 @ 04:36
Obviously, the man has shrewd business sense and has worked for his wealth. I can respect that. But I don't think he has the license to speak in the manner that he has and I'm surprised that his statements haven't caused him to be more discredited than he has been. I guess money does talk!
Meredith L | 08.12.15 @ 15:59
The Donald is definitely a shrewd businessman and obviously a great negotiator (or knows who the cutthroat negotiators are). That being said, the one thing positive I can say about him is big business doesn't own him. He is self-made so he won't be swayed or bullied into decisions.
Crystal | 08.12.15 @ 21:16
I'm not a big Trump fan, but he definitely has business acumen - diversified as well. That's smart.
Apryl | 08.13.15 @ 18:59
The man definitely knows how to make money. You have to give him that!
Kamie | 08.13.15 @ 20:56
I really can not wait to see how things go with Donald Trump, he is a unique individual for sure. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to money, but also being wealthy can lead a person to forget what it is like to be lower class.
Sarah | 08.13.15 @ 21:42
There is no refuting his business sense. Amazingly in this day and age that it's all him. He's not a hand-me-down billionaire, he did that himself. That in itself should earn him a large measure of respect. As for Presidential candidate, what does his worth really have to do with that? Not a thing.
Steffanie | 08.13.15 @ 23:33
Not a huge fan of Donald, but I respect his working attitude. He has obviously got a drive to earn money.
Kaila tubbs | 08.14.15 @ 01:09
Im not sure how I feel about him as a whole, but the man is money smart that is for sure.
Heather | 08.14.15 @ 01:49
He sure is a good businessman and could do great things for our country if he would be elected to President. I just needs to not be as shrewd as his is in business as dealing with other people.
Blanca | 08.27.15 @ 14:16
I don't know a lot of politics or economy. However, I believe that if this man became president, this country will be in a huge risk, because he doesn't know how to communicate. He doesn't value other cultures, and doesn't have any idea of the need to listen others and learn from them
GINA | 08.27.15 @ 17:57
GINA | 08.27.15 @ 17:58
scott | 09.01.15 @ 14:08
Bankruptcy, taking advantage of all the people that trusted him. Anyone who has done business with this man not only lost negotiations with him, they never got payed. He's a vulture, praying on the week.
Jack | 09.12.15 @ 11:17
If his dad hadn't left him all the debit free apartments He wouldn't be where he is today.. Anyone given enough money can take it and the moon is within reach. Anyone agree?
Bill McCracken | 09.17.15 @ 16:46
Bill, We as a people, have elected far too many people that don't know how to deal in the business world, and you see what it has gotten us. Maybe it's time to elect someone that has a brain, that works. Trump knows how to deal and talk with people that he deals with.. What you see is him doing what he does best, but not how he is behind closed doors. He is in control at all times and is great deal maker, He doesn't get deals done acting like he does on TV. This guy is at his best in getting what he or this country will need when making any deal.. He doesn't need the money from any group for making deals with his hand out behind his back. He is the real thing. If you like someone that looks you in the eye and talks sweet and goody, goody all the time, he's not your man. What you need is to find another OBAMA to vote for ! ! !
Stephen | 09.17.15 @ 17:02
Stop lying. Trump has never declared bankruptcy; his corporations have declared Chapter 11. That is a chapter in which all creditors are paid. Trump has used bankruptcy as a business planning tool. That is what the best of the 1% do. Stop trying to convert this pissant non-event into something..
Stephen | 09.17.15 @ 17:07
Trump is a very smart and shrewd businessman; he is owned by no one. In itself, that makes him presidential material. If O has taught us anything, it is that the next president had better be competent to run a very large business. Trump is; O is not. It is really that simple.
jbv | 09.18.15 @ 14:26
Jefferson and Lincoln both filed bankruptcy. If you understand business you realize that the ability to file bankruptcy is one of the things that has made our country as wealthy as it is. If you dont understand business you think its a sign of failure. To this I ask with over 100 years to look back on...was Jefferson a failure? was Lincoln?
Pat | 09.20.15 @ 18:52
Hey people, at one time or another a lot of people have declared Bankruptcy to save their businesses or their lives from over whelming debts. Trumps not the only one. The Media is splashing this all over the Newspapers trying to bring Trump down and destroy his chance at being President because they are owned by the Democrats! Trump is a business man...NOT A POLITICIAN and that PISSES THE MEDIA OFF BECAUSE THEY CAN'T REALLY GET TO HIM! All they can do, is try to discredit him. It will not work! TRUMP will make a GREAT PRESIDENT. TRUMP 2016 I am voting for him!
Paul | 09.20.15 @ 20:08
Maybe if all people who want to be president had to give up their wealth to do so they would think the job would be worth it just for the attention----just saying--as for my vote they will have to get it the old fashioned way----earn it
DAVID LONG | 09.21.15 @ 13:12
Luca | 09.21.15 @ 16:49
Look at the color of his hair and you know how bad he could be as a president...
Ray | 09.21.15 @ 17:26
Except for the comment above from Bill McCracken and a few others, I am concerned for my country. Most of the comments have to do with hair color or ignorance about bankruptcy filings or Al Capone, a known murderer or more interested in other countries than America, or all sorts of garbage. Trump got to where his is not because he inherited a lot of money, but because of his drive, initiative, skill, perseverance, motivation. I am more interested in his knowledge of how to run a huge business empire than anything. Another Obama will ruin this country and if you think Obama is bad, Hillary will be worse. Just ask 26 of her close friends and associates who have been murdered/died. Come on people, start reading something other than Facebook. Read real books. Get an education.
Ed Cohen | 09.22.15 @ 15:52
Proof he can make silk out of a sows ear. Yes he has been obnoxious to his enemies, but, look how the media and both parties have been treating him for years now. The media dinner and their SNL skits were very degrading to Trump and even included his wife, yet no one is supposed to touch other candidates wives. Carly Fiorina has made a career of constantly picking over Trump, yet she can't take the heat, she is a show off and sissy. Trump isn't going to take it any more and the media is all over the place trying to 'get even'. The whole weekend up to the last debate Fox, CNN, CBS, etc. anchors and pundits did nothing but talk horribly about Trump, their quest being to make their filth about him come true by saying it over and over.
Ken | 09.22.15 @ 17:05
Trump is a fighter. At this point in the primary he is doing and saying what he needs to to get elected. If he makes it to the White House I believe he'll be much more measured and presidential and will represent the US as a great nation again. He'll make the tough economic decisions because he understands them unlike progressives. We'll be strong and respected under Trump.
John Conway | 09.23.15 @ 12:42
Trump is a smooth talking gambler. His four bankruptcies are clear evidence that he takes risks with other peoples money and when he can't honor the debt he "Chapter Elevens'. Work ethic without an honor ethic is worthless, especially if he wants to be POTUS.
Chad | 09.23.15 @ 17:23
Complete lie, Don has never filed for bankruptcy. Keep in mind he currently own 515 companies, 4 would be a very small number.
Norf | 09.23.15 @ 18:10
While I agree with much that is being said here by others in regard to Donald Trump, one thing has been overlooked by prior commenters; that being this man is a BORN leader! This is something that has been sorely lacking since Ronald Reagan, Trump is powerful in thought (although ice-thin on details at times) committed in spirit and unwavering in his beliefs. All these and many more traits are what made up the leadership of our Founding Fathers. I still don't think Donald wants the pay-cut or the responsibilities that come with the role of President, but like many private citizens in our country, he is tired of seeing career-politicians gaming the system and enriching their lives and those of their cronies, while increasing the burdens of the "common man. The leadership of BOTH parties have accomplished this while excluding themselves from the disaster they have created for the rest of us. I think Donald is waiting for someone within the field of current candidates to say enough things he can agree with so that he can bow-out and get back to what he does best... MAKING MONEY! If that someone steps up soon enough, "The Donald" will quickly end this circus. But should it not happen, we just might have a successful businessman running what would soon be the Number-1 economy in the world once again!
Catherine | 09.24.15 @ 16:03
Four bankruptcies? He is crude, offensive, and insulting. Who needs it?
clay Montgomery | 09.24.15 @ 18:47
Trump is his own man and that in itself makes him a perfect candidate. Look back at Teddy Roosevelt who was another rich man and was also his own man and did great things for this country. Please don't be so quick to judge Trump. He may be exactly what this country needs.
Michael | 09.25.15 @ 14:08
If he gave me all of his money...I still wouldn't vote for him.
Billy | 09.25.15 @ 15:33
Trump has the ability to hire individuals that give sound advice before he makes a business deal. His advisers are not political hacks. I doubt if Trump would even think about Eric Lanning who happens to have only a BA in History as a qualified individual to be the Secretary of the US Army! I would like to see a Trump / Carson ticket. Carson could easily address the problems with the VA and health care as a whole. Trump on the other hand I think would be a strong leader and bring respect back to the United States of America.
Billy | 09.25.15 @ 15:39
With individuals here trying to make a business bankruptcy by Trump look bad, think of this. I was in the market to buy a car when GM and Chrysler (2nd time) were about to file bankruptcy. You know the routine you sit down and the salesman ask well hows your credit? Well not that great but a lot better GMs or Chrysler's right now!
George | 09.25.15 @ 17:30
The reason people support Trump is simple. When the 'big boys' come calling he can afford to ignore them. The other candidates beg, borrow and steal to get the 2 billion needed to defeat Hillary. He can just write a check. Why would I vote for someone who has no loyalty to the voters, only to the people who give him hundreds of millions of dollars? He has no one to be indebted to. So what if he says things that get the MSM hot under the collar. I just want him to bring jobs and respect back to the U.S. That's a lot more that anyone can say about our current POTUS. What has he done that is noteworthy? Oh yeah, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his great work in doing ----??? I forgot, they gave it to him because he was black. Big deal.
william | 09.25.15 @ 22:45
Intuitively, I don't trust the man to totally work at being a president.
Ray | 10.01.15 @ 22:54
I wish someone would ask him how many sub-contractors lives businesses and families were ruined because of his bankruptcies
sam | 10.02.15 @ 00:57
No he did not become rich by filing bankruptcy but he did protect his fortune by doing it. As far as his demeanor on the podium, let the cards fall where they land, if the shoe fits wear it. Most of the people he has offended deserve it and just about everything he has said is the truth, like it or not. Liberals hate the truth, honesty to them is like sunshine to Vampires, they can't stand it.
Mahender | 10.04.15 @ 18:25
I guess, CNN does not support Trump or changed his promotional material.
Debra | 10.05.15 @ 14:15
Self made? He INHERITED his real estate business and 200 million DOLLARS. THEN HE BANKRUPTED 4 BUSINESSES. I am not impressed.
Frank | 10.05.15 @ 17:28
A basic question is,"What does the president of the United States actually do? The correct answer is , "nothing." The president of the United States is a manager and gets things done through other people. Is the Donald a manager? Well, yes. Is he a good manager? Well, yes. Is he in fact a truly great manager? Without question, yes. Do you think he personally arranges all the details of those deals? Hell no! He has an army of lawyers, architects, and planners to look into every aspect of the deals both pro and con. When they have studied all aspects of the deal, they present him with completed staff work for him to consider. He doesn't have to study all the minutia, that's what his people are for. If he were presented with problem as a president, do you think he would not have his people look into the situation? He would have the best people he could find to look into the situation. There would be specialists in every field who could give expert advice on what can be done, what could be done, and what should be done. He would then choose the most appropriate solution. He has already shown that the people he uses are nothing if not the best, so it would be safe to assume that his choices in the future will be equally capable. Whether you like his attitude or not, he has shown himself to be a truly great manager, which is what this country needs.
J rowland | 10.07.15 @ 09:56
Can you really imagine what Trump would do if he got his hands of the Federal Budget? Can you really imagine what kind of favored deals he would make for himself as President? Can you trust a man who has bankrupted over and over to get out of the decisions he made? What about those folks he bankrupted on? Have we as a nation sunk down to his level?
Drew | 10.10.15 @ 23:44
Donald didn't build that. He is surrounded by professional advisers, They make the money for him. And sometimes (at least 4) they take him to bankruptcy. So called "business acumen" is not a singular credential for the highest office in America. Stop telling our children that America isn't great today and needs saving. Bad message. Poor leadership. Horrible rhetoric.
Barbara | 10.11.15 @ 01:00
SO WHAT IF HE DID? He is a tax payer and it's every citizens right to file if we have to.
Julia | 10.12.15 @ 22:23
Thomas A. Edison quotes (showing 1-30 of 53) “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” ? Thomas A. Edison Mr. Trump is a success businessman. He never give up!!!!!!!!!
Robert | 10.15.15 @ 16:12
I think that Donald has a great business sense. I give him the respect he deserves. Although , if he knows what the everyday working class pays for a loaf of bread is only because he owns the bakery and he is setting the prices........
FounderChurch | 10.17.15 @ 17:29
TRUMP POWER: THIS confab with NBC and the RNC over the debate conditions is EXACTLY & PRECISELY HOW TRUMP WILL RUN THE COUNTRY ONCE HE IS PRESIDENT!!!!! First he'll kick them in their Establishment balls just to get their attention, then he’ll blow softly in their ear to get them all warm and giggly, then he’ll give them their marching orders, and outline their risk being FIRED, and this includes Business, Congress, the Military, and you name it. Leadership’s proper name is FEAR. and it is what all good leaders must inspire, that is to say before the wonderful love act. Wake up folks!
Larry | 11.06.15 @ 23:15
If you have 4 out of 100 businesses go bankrupt isn't that phenomenal compared to 1 out of 2? I think you have to say he is a genius.
Kate | 11.07.15 @ 02:33
He licensed his name to a fake university that got sued for 40 million by the State of New York. Why doesn't that ever come up? How could a man like that ever be seen as one viable for public office? I just don't get it.
BERTA | 11.07.15 @ 17:37
Gary | 11.08.15 @ 05:20
why would any one protest unless they are an illegal or wanted in the US
Gary | 11.08.15 @ 05:22
take that five trillion Israel wants and build one helluva wall!!!
Kate | 11.10.15 @ 05:05
We need a leader who is able to participate in civil discourse to solve problems, is aware of the impact of history on current events, and can understand and deal with all types of people on various issues in order to improve a situation. Nix on Trump. My support goes to Rubio who has evidenced more of these qualities and strength to stay the course and stand up to attacks.
John Mafnas | 11.10.15 @ 17:15
Jealous of other people's wealth, is not going to get you anywhere by whining. So, start doing what Trump did went his started his business, and get rich like him. It,s as simple as that...Look in the mirror and say, can I do it, And all you have to say is, If Trump can do it, I can....So, Get start, NOW.
Feudi A | 11.11.15 @ 20:02
Why would we ever vote for some pampered creep who inherited hundreds of millions from his father and then declared bankruptcy FOUR times?
jbvita | 11.18.15 @ 15:40
515 individual business corporations. 4 file for bankruptcy.
jbvita | 11.18.15 @ 15:44
Individuals incorporate so as not to become individually liable for corporate debt. GOT IT???
jbvita | 11.18.15 @ 15:47
Correction: Individuals incorporate so as not to become personally liable for business (i.e., corporate) debt. GOT IT???
Marlene | 12.07.15 @ 12:35
From what other economists have written about Trump's business ability: Had he simply invested in an average index account over the years, what he inherited from his father, he would be far richer than he is now. That estimate is over 8 billion from his father's inheritance. Going bankrupt over and over is only using the system so as not to pay one's bills, and his reporting of income is certainly subject to further investigation. I wonder what his tax statements look like?!
Joeycoma12 | 01.06.16 @ 06:35
He filed for bankruptcy 4 times?!!! He is a parasite. His vampire business tactics are similar to those of Mitt Romney, only on a grander scale. I wonder if he also hides assets in the Caymans or Switzerland for the purpose of tax evasion like Romney did? You all deserve a scumbag like him, America.
NewsReader | 01.06.16 @ 07:09
Obviously the majority of the posters do not understand bankruptcy, specifically a business bankruptcy.
migellc | 01.07.16 @ 14:57
Knowing how to tweeking (Money Talks) the system is working for him big time is one thing but the arrogancy after that is what tantalize sucking exponentially as well. "Owning the World" do not give him or nobody the rigths for humiliating and discredit others the way he's keep on doing day in and day out. He's just exploiting many socio-economics illness onto his advantage, that's all he's doing, Like the '3er Reich-Hitler' did, (Leveraging the media and the frenzy input of power hungry followers in the old Europe) no much differences which also escape the mess created after himself throught a tunnels system and secret contacts worldwide getting away with a massive amounts of murders over his shoulders like nothing happened. *Learn from history and Just do not let Happen Again*.
moy41 | 01.09.16 @ 07:09
@meredith: yes he made his wealth, but he came from wealth..had his father not loaned him the mil he got to get started, i wonder if he would have the wealth he has many americans have family that can loan someone a mil to make their self made, i wouldn't call him that..
k84truth | 01.13.16 @ 20:35
He knows how to accomplish his goals using the laws of the land... He is a very wise and educated man. He would create jobs, secure the country and HE WOULD NOT FAIL. He is a proud man of accomplishment and his children are his main concern. I trust he would do what is right for this country. He has his own money to loose. Planned Parenthood's money is going in the back door of Clinton's campaign. Trump doesn't have to lie and destroy evidence to be respected.
imsam007 | 01.14.16 @ 23:08
Stephen - NO Chap 11 creditors do NOT all get paid.... research "impared creditor"..... also, stock holders are NOT included in chap 11 repayment & just lose their investments. Basically, what Trump did was pay himself & others well, while running the corporations into the ground & using Chap 11 to walk away richer, while leaving creditors & stockholders poorer.....
ceceliaholland | 01.16.16 @ 15:16
all that money and what has he done with it? just make more money. no wonder he wants to be president. he needs some accomplishment in life.
Susan | 01.18.16 @ 05:46
Donald is not self made, he inherited wealth. There are many, many more billionaire in US without big mouth and are self made, Bill Gates is an easy example. Donald will be better off as a president in some movie or television series, but in real America where we need someone who is specialist in middle class not the top 1 %. Country issues are more related to Healthcare, education, poverty, foreign policy have nothing to do with Business acumen. Someone like Mr. Cameron is well suited for US President job who understand the need of people, not a big mouth who have no respect of others. There was another person in History from Donald paternal side from Germany who was a big mouth, created more destruction in world than Changes Khan. Donald thinking is fascist, his business destroy small businesses and his highway talks are just fantasy. His love for gun, hatred for colored people, immigrants, downgrading women are all clear. People who make more sense are Burney sanders, Clinton and some low ranking runner in Republican Party. I won't hesitate banning him from UK at least for a month to email him a message that being fascists and hate mongers is not an English style.
Sjcuccaro | 01.19.16 @ 00:19
All the responses have to do with his ability to make/not money. Is that what we want in a leader? Outside of the haters who he appeals to, there isn't another country worldwide who has a shred of respect for him. Leadership is not money making and it wil never replace common sense and humanity!
mark | 01.19.16 @ 00:20
For you people that think he is a great business man, consider that if you took the amount his father left to him, and did conservative investing, you would wind up with about his current net worth.
Chris | 01.21.16 @ 00:30
I can't believe there are people commenting here talking about Trump being a "self made" millionaire. Someone said he's not a "hand me down" billionaire. Um, what are you talking about? He is the son of a rich real estate developer who entered his daddy's business, used his daddy's money, and his daddy's contacts to make more. Anyone given millions in real estate back in the 70s and 80s that DIDN'T make a lot had to have been trying as hard as they could to lose money. Trump is the very definition of a person born on third base who thinks he hit a triple. The sad part is that so many other fools believe his BS and actually think he did ANYTHING but inherit his daddy's business. I guess the Kochs are amazing businessmen too, and the Walton kids? Yeah, inheriting a career is sure impressive!
Christopher | 01.21.16 @ 01:07
If you had taken his fathers 1 million dollar starter "loan" and bought conservative investments you would be a richer man today
Holice | 01.24.16 @ 00:59
No not in his running for POTUS , Angie.. He knows how to connect with people. I don't know if he could do 1/3 of what he says he would do. I think he probably will if he can. One thing I like about him is he's his own man, he doesn't care about being PC.He says things that resonate with people. They are tired of career politicians who make all sorts of promises, then when they get to DC, they continue the same policies we sent them to DC to oppose. The repubs are a bunch of week-kneed wimps & the dummycrats are a bunch of marxist/socialist/liberal/democrats, who seems to be hell bent in destroying this country & turning it into a nanny state with more & more increased spending on social issues, to grow the government, I have not decided for sure if I will vote for Mr. T or Mr. Ted, but this I'm pretty sure of, it will be one or the other, someone has to try to put the brakes on this run a way train.
Holice | 01.24.16 @ 01:05
Norf, I hope he's the man, & I hope he picks Mr, Ted Cruz to run with him!!!!!!!!!!!
Holice | 01.24.16 @ 01:37
Susan Antes what difference does it make in being qualified to run for POTUS whether he inherited his wealth or is a self made man. At least he had the good sense not to blow his first million, but invested it wisely.. I don't know what you are talking about when you mentioned some Khan guy, who was big-mouthed, I suppose you are saying Mr. Trump is a big mouth also. Well all I can say, is I like his big mouth, I like everything he says about big government, & allowing people to come across our southern borders in droves, to say nothing of the thousands of muslims he is allowing in here without even attempting to vet any of them. You no doubt have voted for socialist/marxist/liberal democrats all your life. If Obama & Bernie Sanders is who your heroes are that tells me volumes about you, so go vote for Bernie.
Holice | 01.24.16 @ 01:46
Well, Michael, sounds like you probably would better like Hilliary or Bernie, go ahead, vote for these marxist/socialist/communists. I wouldn't vote for them under any circumstances. One thing I will say for Mr. Trump, he may have done some unethical things but at least he isn't unethical & stupid like too.
robbie crownover | 01.26.16 @ 19:38
I think Donald Trump will make America great again. He is really worried about our Country and our future or he wouldn't be running for President. It is for sure he doesn't need the money or the responsibility.
Sky | 01.27.16 @ 19:58
I wish he could create wealth for the US like he did for his holdings. Screw the PC!
Russ | 01.31.16 @ 05:23
He has business smarts, true..but he was also born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I've heard people say "He's in tune with the common man." What an absurd statement. Also, if elected he'll be Commander in Chief of our armed forces. As a former soldier, I shudder to think of him in charge of our military. He has no military experience-something I think should be a prerequisite for the job. I want to vote Republican but if he wins the nomination he'll only get my vote in an effort to keep Hillary or Sanders out of the Oval Office. It's once again going to boil down to the lesser of two evils. As usual.
John | 01.31.16 @ 21:08
A shrewd businessman?
John | 01.31.16 @ 21:16
How can anyone say the Donald is such a shrewd businessman in real estate when had he not dabbled in that field at all, and instead put his 40 mil in a good hedge fund he would have made over twice as much? And the comparison to Warren Buffet is most enlightening. They had the same 40 million at the same time, and Buffet now has over 60 billion to the Donald's 2.9 billion. Couple that with his multiple bankruptcies and stupid marketing ideas and all of a sudden he appears to be a weaker candidate to not only all of his competitors, but also Alfred E, Newman.
Peace | 02.01.16 @ 13:26
I knew someone who did that all the time. He would run up a huge amount of debt and claim bankruptcy. It's really not fair to the little guy because the bills that they run up, them money still has to come from somewhere especially on those things that cannot be bankrupted. so stupid.
GrenMan Mek | 02.01.16 @ 16:19
Full of Air and Bankrupt 3 times - he will Bankrupt the country with his arrogance - women should be screaming in the street, its a media show and it will end with a Gong. What a bunch a crap with the value of the Brand Bull.
deanna | 02.01.16 @ 20:27
I only read a few of these comments and I am irritated. I own a business in NW Indiana. When Trump Casino filed chapter 11 I was never paid approx. $3,000. Might sound small but it is my money. The casino has my light bulbs and no one paid me.
Kaysarasara22 | 02.03.16 @ 22:12
You know what is really bias in this election is that Trumps extremely quality are so often scutinized. and although so far over the other candidates. Ted Cruz and ALL HIS LIES AND ANTICS SHOULD NOT EVEN BE IN THIS RACE. . Yet TRUMP is always being questioned and doubted and the lies he went bankrupt 4 times..He didn't go bankrupt personally, what people don't get ..He filed chapter 11 which does not mean the companies bellied up. Chapter 11 means they were reorganized for a debt and he gave up SOME of his interest to this day he has interest in most if not all..and one still paying him for his name..Who cares if he has 200 million 9 billion ect..he is a financial success story in America and that is what we need..Other companies run the same way and file for chapter 11. Example say one of Mitt Romneys company filed chapter 11. You don't know but because Trump puts his name on his projects it more public...That says a lot ..meaning if your going to put your name on something you are going to make it good.. With ALL the dealings Trump has or anyone for that matter some are bound to not work out as some casinos, as since 2008 the gaming industry itself has dramatically dropped so digging and digging and trying to make Trump out to be something Less than the American Dream success story is beyond false.
Randle | 02.04.16 @ 17:10
Trump is our only chance! look at the other politician they seem so fake with all the speech practicing and they didn't write their own speech! Remember they are already been bought by major corporation except Trump!!
christy io | 02.07.16 @ 00:43
according to most of the comment declaring bankruptcy multiple times is shrewd business acumen. only in america can a whole pile of nobody's struggling to keep a roof over their heads be impressed by a robber baron
Martin | 02.07.16 @ 11:33
Do the type of bankruptcies he filed involve not paying creditors? If so, I would like to hear from creditors about how much money they lost and what it did to their businesses.
Bill | 02.12.16 @ 18:34
well he declares bankruptcy often. who pays then... oh yeah all the people that he owes money to. he doesn't pay his bills. that what bankruptcy is about, avoiding your debt. yeah its a smart use of law to screw others. sounds very Donald
sammora101 | 02.14.16 @ 16:46
Being a business man is totally different than being the president of the United States...people! put on your thinking caps. It takes more than a shrewd business man to be the president of the free world. Besides, if he were that good....why did he file for bankruptcy in 1991; 1992; 1994 and 1989. Leadership of this great nation is definitely not for people like Trump who obviously cannot stand criticism. He needs to go learn how to be calm under pressure.
Normqm | 02.14.16 @ 17:24
Wake up America! What other candidate has financed his own? What other candidate has pledged to turn there Multi billion dollar business over to someone else to run if he becomes elected and devote his total time and energy into making America great again ? This man is a godsend to our country he has the experience and record of good judgment in making billion dollar deals (that win )and will do so for the USA.... Vote for Donald Trump, make America great again!
Crystle Fire | 02.16.16 @ 22:04
Obama sure was not poor but not real rich either but he forgot all his people, blacks. It has nothing to do with being rich or poor. Under Obama there is no more middle class, only the poor and the rich. The more socialist this country becomes, the more the middle class will disappear! We need to go back to our real government before Obama. Trump can do that and stop businesses from leaving our country, like China AND now Mexico! Obama has forced most businesses to go bankrupt or leave this country. Obama has hurt our economy and taxed businesses so high that they leave! Sanders a socialist will be even worse than that. Sanders will destroy our whole way of living and the way we do business!
gordon pelosse | 02.19.16 @ 17:54
Are you kidding. When Obama took over the Country was in Financial ruin thanks to Bush and his Republican cronies. Obama restored employment, a stable stock market and got you out of 2 wars. Is it perfect no, but it is a hell of a lot better than what Bush left behind.
kzeigler2 | 02.19.16 @ 20:49
Trump is a smart man. He rarely puts much of his own money into anything he buys (because there are partners.) He always seems to get out just before the investment tanks (which he originally said was a sure thing.) He only has one person in mind when he invests and doesn't care who gets hurt if it doesn't work out. If that's the man you want to vote for go ahead.
pamelas52 | 02.20.16 @ 20:44
I very likely will vote for Donald Trump....But I don't understand how he was able to declare bankruptcy four times so close in proximity?
hayjoseph | 02.22.16 @ 17:12
why does Fox News spend so much time on Donald Trump, their are other candidates. i live in Louisiana, and many people hear are afraid that Mr. Trump will be elected president. We fear him. Please help by finding things on him, personal life, monies. He his not that good of a person. He has foul mouth, which must be used in his personal life. Are his family afraid of him. Where does his parents come from, Trump education? How did he get all his monies? Please find out, we are afraid. Thank you.
Makeba500 | 02.25.16 @ 12:55
Donald Trump's father was a multi millionaire and this is where he gets his money for him. Don't you people realize, that he has filed for bankruptcy four times to get out of paying his debts. Don't you realize how bad that is? Instead of him paying his obligations, he files for bankruptcy to get out of it. Clearly he's not listening to his advisors. So if he becomes president, and he screws up, what's he going to do? Bankrupt the country? A man should face his responsibilities. Bankruptcy is a punk way out and it leaves your creditors screwed. Meanwhile he keeps his material wealth. This is not at all, the making of a good president. Would you have voted for Obama if he filed for bankruptcy four times to get out of paying his responsible dad? Would you vote for Obama if Michelle Obama was posing have nude in lingerie on fur rugs? Where are these conservative Christians talking about that?
Knathan | 02.25.16 @ 13:11
Making money is not a problem for America, can he let others make money, especially the poor class and unemployed? What can he do to the security of our nation? Can he listen to our Armed forces chiefs and act smartly?
dan12168 | 02.26.16 @ 20:34
I sit here on my desk and am reading all of your comments, I have a few things that I would like you to consider; I have been following the campaigns of all the Republicans and Democrats for the 2016 elections and have come to a few conclusions. The democratic system with which the US votes and ultimately chooses a president is flawed. The origin of the word democracy comes from ancient Greek and means the 'rule of the people'. Please explain to me if you will, how the people are ruling in any shape or form when they are voting for mostly politicians that are well funded by groups of special interests and lobbyists that wait for their nominee to be chosen. Once said nominee is chosen, he/she has to give back to the people or groups that gave them the financial leverage to execute a successful campaign. Now if the residing President 'owes' so much to these groups and has to take their interests before the interests of the American people--then how exactly is that Democracy??? So I looked at the candidates and noticed that each and every one of them has a long list of people that they would need to take care of in case they make it to the WH. Look at how Hillary's superpac can easily arrange a billion dollars for her if she is ultimately the nominee for the Democrats and how Rubio is funded as well as the others. In this race there are only 2 people that are doing things a little bit differently. The first one is Bernie Sanders--but unfortunately he is perceived as a Socialist, which is a term that causes many folks to shudder as by association it reminds them of communism even though the 2 terms are not corollatory in any way. Some of Bernie's Ideas do make a lot of sense but I do not believe that the American people are ready for this train of thought. Would it be so terrible if the young generation did not get shafted by ridiculous amounts of student debt, or if any middle class family did not have to spend many thousands a year on healthcare...NEVER mind--maybe in the future these ideas which are practiced in many western countries very successfully will resonate in a deeper manner with mainstream America. The other candidate which is not privy to these groups of blood-suckers is none other than Donald Trump. He always mentions that he is self funding--but it seems that many people do not think about the ramifications of self funding and do not give credit where credit is due. Imagine that Trump ends up winning the presidency, even though there are extreme forces from both sides of the aisle as well as the media that will bend over backwards 100 times to make sure that doesn't happen. Again, Imagine that Trump is President and that he has absolutely nobody but the voters to thank for his success. Take into account his business sense--and you can say that he inherited millions and that he filed for chapter 11, 4 times and a whole host of other things--but he would probably be the only candidate that is chosen and would not be controlled by ANYBODY and his loyalty would only be to the American public! Now if you consider that politicians are always chosen for the POTUS and in almost all cases they never accomplish all that they promise too. I believe that with Trump it would be different. If any of us were Billionaires and could pretty much do what we wanted-- I would probably want to sit on the beach in Florida and go fly fishing. Why would a Billionaire who is more popular and more famous than any politician and has more money than he knows what to do with need the headache and frustration of having the most difficult and challenging job in the world? I guess that the answer is that he truly cares about America and the American people! Can you imagine what could happen if a super successful businessman runs the country like a large business as opposed to a politician who by default knows how to talk but not how to accomplish anything--Do you think that there is a chance that Trump with all his bombast and rhetoric could potentially be one of the most incredible presidents that the USA has ever had? Just also consider that all of the things Trump has said in his campaign thus far have been 100% strategy as Trump is a consummate tactician and even though it looks like he shoots from the hip---it is by far all calculated to bring the desired results. Look at how he has decimated most of the other candidates in the race thus far. TRUMP would be a great president.. By the way-- I am not an American Citizen--but am British and live and work in NY--but looking at all that is going on, I felt compelled to share my insight.
Fred | 02.29.16 @ 15:03
Initial | 03.01.16 @ 14:16
Okay Trump declared the bankruptcy, why US has a LAW of the bankruptcy case ? Trump used the US LAW , so why this is a big subject !!! why you don't talked about the Hillary's email ????? hers conspiracy activity??? American people are blind and will be blind always unfortunately because big jealousy and selfishness are running around !!!!
Patrick | 03.01.16 @ 16:47
Vote trump, you want Washington on notice, trump will shake the tree for sure.
Stephen K. | 03.03.16 @ 15:50
CNN - I got to this site by clicking on a headline referring to Trump's three bankruptcies and there is no mention of them in this article.
piedpiper2900 | 03.03.16 @ 16:27
How come when someone is born with a silver spoon and files bankruptcy, he is called "shrewd"? If I work hard and have to file bankruptcy, my credit is ruined and I'm looked upon as a loser?
John | 03.09.16 @ 18:49
So then he knows how to bounce back from a deficit, isn't that what America needs since we are in 19 Trillion dollar of debt? He is perfect for the job of President! Trump 2016!
Stefan | 03.13.16 @ 20:51
i THOUGHT the man,, uh,, Donald Trump ,,, Inherited over 200 million from his father, I mean,,, If you can't make it with that start then something is REALLY WRONG.. the shear fact that he had to claim bankruptcy after that is very telling..
Richard | 03.14.16 @ 16:54
Well Donald Trump clearly has been able to lead tens of millions of people to support him already this primary season and more than likely this will continue. He also has an excellent reputation of following through on what he promises and what he promises is to get the Washington DC Cabal our of our pockets. We don't care if you don't like his language, we are looking to throw all the political parasites out on their a$$s and bring back a Government that represents the citizens of the US not the elite donor class. Got it now?
Ron | 03.14.16 @ 19:19
Stefan, yes maybe Trump did inherit a $250 million business from his dad. He could have easily sat on his rump and simply managed the business and had a very nice life. But instead he actively managed the business and grew it to be one of the largest real estate empires in the world. My stepfather left a $20 million dollar business to my two step brothers. I worked with my stepdad's business for about 6 years and we grew it from a $5 million business to the $20 million. I left after both my stepbrothers (both several years younger than me) got involved. After my stepfather's death it took my stepbrothers about 4 years to bankrupt the business and lose all the assets. My mother almost lost her home because they had used it a collateral for a loan. So despite where and how Trump got his start you definitely have to give him credit for where he ended up. You need to understand that bankruptcy is a tool for businesses to us. My employer has bought other businesses during the past 20 years. Some business we simply assumed ownership and continued to operate. There have been a few businesses we had to file bankruptcy on because they had accumulated so much debt. Some of their suppliers lost out but most all the employees kept their jobs, which they may have otherwise lost, and the customers benefited by getting a better quality product at a lower cost.
rafaelmarmolejos7 | 03.15.16 @ 15:15
This man does not convince me. It's all about him and his ego. He knows nothing about military strategy and foreign political relations. How good is he in business? when he has declare 3 bankruptcy. Also he talks about Mexicans and muslims, but that ideology really involves every immigrant.
Ron | 04.01.16 @ 18:43
what business is it of anyone how much money Donald has?
frank0525 | 04.13.16 @ 21:56
Ignorance and Opinion have replaced truth and fact. Credit the Cable "News" media for this phenomena. Our society's main source of information is now Opinion, professionally delivered by a panel of attractive Actors, who have just received a tweet from a "Highly informed" Moron.
zep_fan.chip | 04.22.16 @ 17:39
I think the majority of us are fed up with the last 8 years and what it has done to our international relations, particularly the jobs situation.
Energy | 04.29.16 @ 02:15
I have a copy Trump's OGE 278e Report. Trump is listed as a leader in 515 separate companies; 4 have used bankruptcy law to restructure debt; 1 per 128.75; or 0.8%; that is a very good business record!
Teri | 04.29.16 @ 23:21
It’s 2016, the United States is financially and morally bankrupt. We need a strong leader! Not someone who panders to special interest groups for votes. The person we need is Donald Trump. He has proven his support for our Veterans. He has taken criticism for being outspoken about his beliefs; but we know where he stands on the issues. Donald Trump has built an empire; I trust he can help our nation get back on our feet. For those who want jobs, Mr. Trump knows how to make them. His track record is one of success; something we need again in the United States. #Trump 2016
Luis | 04.30.16 @ 22:52
Having been the beneficiary of, at least, 29 porked demo-crap-sponsored bills hasn't hurt Donald Clintrump... I wonder if his devoted worshipers have received their cuts of OUR tax dollars....
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