How Much Do We Really Give At The Holidays?

Exclusive Moneytips Survey Reveals How Generous We Are in the Giving Season

How Much Do We Really Give At The Holidays?
December 17, 2015 Are Americans feeling naughty or nice this holiday season? asked 448 respondents if they planned to donate time, money, or both to their favorite charitable causes by the end of the year. See if you’re a good giver or a Scrooge when compared to your fellow Americans.
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Sarah | 12.17.15 @ 21:01
these are very interesting statistics. it's nice to see that we're still giving, though it would be nicer if it was spread through the year a little better.
Erin | 12.17.15 @ 21:01
It would be interesting to see how giving during the holidays compares to other times of the year since people are not needy only during the holidays.
irene | 12.17.15 @ 21:01
That's nice that people give at the holidays but there are people who need help all year long
Carla | 12.17.15 @ 21:02
I try to give a little whenever I can. When we are having a good year I try to give more.
Heather | 12.17.15 @ 21:05
We've always given more during the holiday season then any other time. We usually try to adopt a child for Christmas so they have presents to open.
Alec | 12.17.15 @ 21:06
Since I wasn't able to donate money this year, I donated 10 inches of hair to wigs for kids so a little girl could get "princess hair" for Christmas. I tend to donate clothes and toys all through the year. I wish I was able to do more though, especially around the holidays.
Beverly | 12.17.15 @ 21:06
Interesting article, and it's good to see that giving hasn't gone down. Would be nice if we could get it to go up, but at least it's fairly consistent.
Zanna | 12.17.15 @ 21:06
It's hard to stick to a budget this time of year, I want to give to so many different causes! I have to budget my time, my money, and my emotions to make it through the holidays.
Elaine | 12.21.15 @ 18:53
I'm always a giver but around the holidays it is just needed more. So do a LiTTLE extra.
Rindy | 12.21.15 @ 19:37
It is a relief to know that people are still giving as much as they normally do. If we could wipe out hunger, the number of homeless people and childhood disease wouldn't that be something.
joann | 12.28.15 @ 17:27
It is so nice to see that the good will of others is still going strong! With all the people needing help these days it seems that the average income people continue to give even though their lives have been touched by the economy.and stagnant wages. It is nice to know that there are still lots of good giving people in the world.
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