How Much Did That F-Up* Cost Hulk Hogan?


We Tally Up the Wrestler’s Financial Losses

How Much Did That F-Up* Cost Hulk Hogan?
September 14, 2015

What’s more embarrassing than having a sex tape leak?

Having a sex tape leak where you are heard using the “N-word”.


While referring to your daughter’s boyfriend.

In pillow talk with your best friend’s wife. Whom you’re seen having sex with.

That would even embarrass a pro wrestler. Yes, Hulk Hogan, I’m talking about you.

If Hulk Hogan’s sex tape had been a silent film, perhaps it just would have cost the living legend his friendship with deejay Bubba the Love Sponge, whose wife (now ex-wife) Heather Clem co-stars in what appears to be security camera footage. Instead, the man behind Hulkamania was recorded cursing out African Americans while using racial slurs. The wrestler, whose real name is Terry Bollea, reportedly admits on the tape, “I guess we’re all a little racist.” Not quite.

As a twelve-time champion in a sport that’s fake, Hogan was the world’s most recognizable wrestling superstar. Despite being 61-years-old, he could still win contests, because, well, the matches are fake. But after a transcript of the tape was published recently, World Wrestling Entertainment terminated his contract and wiped him from their website. They even removed him from their Hall of Fame section.

Based on other WWE contracts, we estimate that cost him $5 million in present and future wrestling-related gigs. That includes being a judge on the sixth season of WWE’s reality show, Tough Enough, and the WWE no longer selling Hulk merchandise. If only during his sexcapade, when he took off his do-rag, he stuffed it in his mouth.

On the tape, the former reality star admits another costly mistake in regards to his daughter Brooke: “I spent $2-3 million on her music career, I’ve done everything like a jackass for her.” How did that investment turn out? Her last CD, released in 2009, didn’t crack the top 100 charts, nor did the two singles it spawned. Let’s call that a $2.5 million foul-up.

But all that pales compared to Hulkster’s biggest blunder: not cashing in on the right endorsement. Reportedly, his agent offered him a choice of kitchen appliances to endorse years ago, and Hulk passed on a grill, suggesting his agent offer it to another client… George Foreman. The boxer has made hundreds of millions of dollars off the George Foreman line of grills, but let’s say Hogan’s would have been less popular. We’ll peg this miscalculation at $100 million.

But all is not lost!

Hulk Hogan has a chance for another big payday. Not in the ring, but in court. He is suing Gawker Media for invasion of privacy for publishing an excerpt of the infamous sex tape. And he’s asking for… $100 million. He could make all the money back that he lost by his bad endorsement choices. On the other hand, he could wind up losing, and have to pay millions in court costs. Only time will tell. Sadly for the superstar, in court, unlike professional wrestling, the conclusion isn’t scripted in advance.

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Morgan | 09.14.15 @ 15:02
Ouch. That is a lot of money for a slip.
Selena | 09.14.15 @ 15:02
Be careful what you tape.
Britt | 09.14.15 @ 15:05
That is a crazy amount of money lost over something said. I am sorry but the fact that we as a society not only do this, but condone it - is ridiculous. Who cares if he said something offensive? People say offensive thing all the time.
Ron | 09.14.15 @ 15:05
When you know you are in the spotlght, there are precautions you must take. Mainstream America doesn't care for slurs, holding racist ideals, or just being an overall jerk. This isn't new behavior from Hogan as those in the business have stated. But you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube once it is out.
Anna | 09.14.15 @ 15:07
Why was he talking about his daughter during sex? He deserves to lose money if he is that full of hate.
Steffanie | 09.14.15 @ 15:08
Wow, just wow. That's a huge and pricey mistake.
Kyle | 09.14.15 @ 15:09
It was a private conversation between him and another person, the fact that it was taped and leaked to the media is classless. Yes, what he said was inappropriate, but people do that when they're around people they are friends with. The fact he lost that much money over something stupid he said is absurd.
trish | 09.14.15 @ 15:12
OMG...I can't believe I just read all of that. Talking about your daughter while having sexual relations with your best friend's wife. My head is spinning
Nancy | 09.14.15 @ 15:17
Sometimes we are able to see the true person that celebrities try to hide.
Elaine | 09.14.15 @ 15:18
Lack of morals all the way around. Seriously, do we have to use "bad word" or even the appreviations of bad words in the titles. Some of us are EXTREMELY G-rated and find this stuff wrong.
Kamie | 09.14.15 @ 15:19
I was surprised when I found out about that.. I never expected him to be so full of hate.
Meredith L | 09.14.15 @ 15:21
I have a hard time feeling sorry for someone in this predicament. First, WHY are you taping yourself having sex unless you're a porn star; second, how are children going to appreciate the fruits of their labor if they never EARNED it, and third, if you are a public figure do you think he might have tread a lot more carefully?
Crystal | 09.14.15 @ 15:24
Think before you speak. That is all.
Tina | 09.14.15 @ 15:25
Glad I'm not famous. We all make mistakes but famous people pay dearly for theirs.
Sarah | 09.14.15 @ 15:28
I'm having a VERY hard time with this. I thought this was a place to learn about financial things... This hardly seems worthwhile not to mention the total lack of professionalism by using an abbreviation for what is widely considered the "worst" word in the profanity list. Seems like this article is a slip up.
Chrisitna | 09.14.15 @ 15:36
The amount of attention celebrities get for these screw ups is ridiculous!
irene | 09.14.15 @ 15:38
Sorry, there won't be any sympathy from me. What a loser. Time to head out to the old has been's home and stay out of the spotlight.
Jill | 09.14.15 @ 15:44
WOW! That is horrible, the attention this kind of story gets is undeserved.
Daniel | 09.14.15 @ 15:48
I just can not find the words. just wow some major losses there
Beverly | 09.14.15 @ 15:51
Just goes to show you money doesn't buy you intelligence.
Kate | 09.14.15 @ 16:07
And thats why I dont make any tips at all. EVER EVER>.. LOL
George | 09.14.15 @ 16:12
Makes you wonder why was he recording this conversation to begin with.
Zanna | 09.14.15 @ 16:23
He's obviously out of line. However public record is one thing, if they invaded his privacy to record and air this, then that's not cool.
gracie | 09.14.15 @ 16:23
The fact that we have become a society that thrives on being clever enough to catch the conversations of what should be private and intimate moments it's just wrong. Do I agree with the what he has said? Heck no. BUT he should have had the right to the privacy to have a personal conversation without the concern that it would end up in public. Personally I hope he wins his case against Gawker.
Katie Greene | 09.14.15 @ 16:24
Wow. That is a lot to lose, but you reap what you sow. If you make bad decisions, it will cost you.
Christina | 09.14.15 @ 16:24
It's sick,he was talking about his daughter while doing this. He needs to pay for this.
Debbie | 09.14.15 @ 16:27
In the words of another famous strange man.....I PITY THE FOOL!!!! Mr. T.
Kailie | 09.14.15 @ 16:33
Just goes to show that you have to be careful what you say to certain people, it can cost you millions.
Crystal | 09.14.15 @ 16:37
Very expensive mistake!
Rindy | 09.14.15 @ 16:38
While I try not to dote on celebrities much, this is one major mistake for him.
STOKES | 09.14.15 @ 16:41
I'm so glad I'm not rich and/or famous.
Chelsey | 09.14.15 @ 16:48
Sounds like he has made quite a few mistakes. We all do but thankfully none of mine has cost me 100 million dollars!
Andrea | 09.14.15 @ 21:10
Firm believer of "You gonna be dumb, you better be tough" !!
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