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September 26, 2015

Many office workers dream of working from home. But what’s it really like to start a home-based business? How do you succeed, and what pitfalls should you avoid? Our latest eBook can help you start your very own home-based business.

Written by Forbes finance contributor Winnie Sun in collaboration with MoneyTips, The Modern Entrepreneur: Secrets to Building a Thriving Business from Home reveals the realities of working from home, common mistakes of omission and commission, and how to save time and money. Besides tips and tricks, the eBook includes survey results of successful people who run home-based businesses as well as profiles of five successful entrepreneurs, including a multi-platinum pop star, a 71-year-old image consultant who has developed a social media network of nearly one million people, and a photographer who is ready to STOP working from home.

Are you running a home-based business, or dreaming of starting one? Find out how successful entrepreneurs have done it!

To receive a copy of the eBook, click here to download The Modern Entrepreneur: Secrets to Building a Thriving Business from Home

The cost? It’s absolutely free! All you have to do is join MoneyTips, which is also free. What better way to start planning your home-based business – or improving your current one -- than getting free advice from entrepreneurs who have succeeded?

Download the free eBook “The Modern Entrepreneur: Secrets to Building a Thriving Business from Home

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Daniel | 09.24.15 @ 17:00
Excellent, I was looking for new reading material, thank you.
Kamie | 09.24.15 @ 17:02
I am downloading this to help with my start of my business.. I can not wait to fully read all of this.
Clarissa | 09.24.15 @ 17:03
As I have gotten older I am more interested in working from home. This is great and very helpful!
Erin | 09.24.15 @ 17:03
Excellent. I will have to pass this along to some of my friends.
gracie | 09.24.15 @ 17:04
Very nice! I am always on the hunt for new info on working from home!
irene | 09.24.15 @ 17:06
Who doesn't love freebies? thanks
Elaine | 09.24.15 @ 17:07
Working at home has always been appealing to me...need to download this eBook.
Chrisitna | 09.24.15 @ 17:09
Very cool - thank you MoneyTips!
Angie | 09.24.15 @ 17:09
Thank you for this! It is certainly of interest - I am recently unemployed due to my workplace moving out of state....
STOKES | 09.24.15 @ 17:09
Fantastic. Can't wait to read it.
Sara | 09.24.15 @ 17:10
This is very informative and I will start reading the rest of this soon.
Sarah | 09.24.15 @ 17:14
This is awesome.
Heather | 09.24.15 @ 17:14
I need to read this to help with the home business I have. I only do it part time but love it to be my one and only job.
Meredith L | 09.24.15 @ 17:17
I'm always looking for better more efficient ways to build my business and find more work. I'll definitely give this a read.
Blake | 09.24.15 @ 17:18
I'm going in to game dev so I don't have a need for this, but I know plenty of people who are trying to start up indie game businesses I can pass it along to.
Britt | 09.24.15 @ 17:21
Personally, I prefer all of the books and such to be in digital form.
Zanna | 09.24.15 @ 17:22
Thanks, looking forward to reading this amazing resource and learning more!
Zanna | 09.24.15 @ 17:22
Thanks, looking forward to reading this amazing resource and learning more!
Kelley | 09.24.15 @ 17:29
I already work from home, but hoping this has some tips in it!
Bobbie | 09.24.15 @ 17:30
Thank you for the information and the free e-book
Crystal | 09.24.15 @ 17:35
Always looking for resources on working from home! Thanks!
Morgan | 09.24.15 @ 17:47
This is awesome.
Alec | 09.24.15 @ 17:47
I make glass bead bracelets and crochet purses to sell from home. While not a "real" business, hopefully the book has some tips I can use. Thank you for sharing it!
Angie Taylor
Insurance Agent in Montevallo, AL | 09.24.15 @ 17:48
Lots of great sources here
Kyle | 09.24.15 @ 17:50
Great article. Very informative.
Kathryn | 09.24.15 @ 17:52
I will be downloading this! As a new mom I am looking to work from home to spend more time with my daughter.
Kailie | 09.24.15 @ 17:53
Awesome. Needed something new to look into.
Jill | 09.24.15 @ 18:30
Thanks for sharing! This is Amazing!
Steffanie | 09.24.15 @ 18:43
What a great resource. Thanks.
Ron | 09.24.15 @ 18:47
I will see if I can learn something to pick up more business doing voice over work from home. All lessons apply to all basic business strategies.
Tina | 09.24.15 @ 18:48
Great! I stay home with my kids and am always looking for a way to help supplement our income.
steven | 09.24.15 @ 18:49
Will have to take a better look at the book when I have more time. But looks like an interesting read.
Kate | 09.24.15 @ 18:53
This sounds really awesome. I may have to look into this!
Amanda | 09.28.15 @ 14:00
Thank you for the free book and information
Jacqueline | 05.01.16 @ 12:06
Need this desperately
Edwin Abraham | 08.03.16 @ 10:33
Much thanks for the free book. Hoping to be able to adapt your tips to the African environment.
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