Highest and Lowest Millennial Incomes Across The U.S.

Benchmarking Millennials Starting Out

Highest and Lowest Millennial Incomes Across The U.S.
January 5, 2016 Roughly 70% of students graduate with student debt today, but only 37% of them are currently paying down their debt. Could low entrance wages have something to do with that? The infographic above shows the states with the highest and lowest median wages for millennials. The winner isn’t even a state! Check out the infographic to see how the numbers compare with the median wages of all employees in those states.
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Steffanie | 01.05.16 @ 20:01
Those are some pretty low incomes. Glad my state isn't named in there.
Nancy | 01.05.16 @ 20:01
Those numbers are shocking to me, but especially the median wages of ALL employees. They are a lot lower than I would have expected.
Brittany | 01.05.16 @ 20:03
Graphs like these are always really interesting because it shows not only how much certain jobs make, but how it differs across the country. Very interesting info
Meredith L | 01.05.16 @ 20:03
Sadly, I think too many companies don't see the value of millennials. They're the next wave of innovation and they're full of themselves but they're also full of global ideas. Entrepreneurs at heart, if they're not paid what they think they're worth they are going to build their own empire. Just saying.
Erin | 01.05.16 @ 20:04
I'm surprised North Dakota is among the top states for highest median wage. The others don't surprise me at all. They are all pretty expensive to live in.
Crystal | 01.05.16 @ 20:06
Not surprised to see my home state of Maine low on the scale. It's hard to make a living AND survive in this state. I cannot believe in general how low these numbers are. It's very scary to say the least.
Elaine | 01.05.16 @ 20:06
Wow those are some shocking numbers but I'm not really at all surprised. Debt seems to be part of life nowadays.
joann | 01.05.16 @ 20:08
That is depressing statistics for people working today. I understand their frustration with low salaries. We all need to get out and vote. Education debt to get a better job is crazy with salaries like these. Sad.
Daniel | 01.05.16 @ 20:15
Visually puts things in easy to see perspective though not all good news is it
Owen | 01.05.16 @ 20:15
I live in Kentucky, which has one of the lowest median incomes. I moved from Illinois and there is a definite difference due to lower income. The drugs and crime is much higher here and there seems to be many more people just struggling to make it.
Amanda | 01.05.16 @ 20:16
Education is so high, jobs are so low, no wonder most are not paying the debt back. Who can afford to with the cost of living. People wonder why we are struggling when we see yearly earnings like these, and just because you went through all the education doesn't mean you will even get a good high paying job.
trish | 01.05.16 @ 20:19
Our state is in the lower-middle, as far as income level. And I don't find that surprising. We seem to actually have very high paying wages and super low, so expected it to average middle of the road
Ron | 01.05.16 @ 20:21
Student loans are usually easy money to get and quite difficult to pay back. What incomes are made are spent on living and debt paydowns are a distant, last thought. Welcome to Modern Adulthood.
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