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Hi, I just want to know if I want to drive for UBER/LYFT, do I need to buy a comprehensive TLC insurance just in case if I was at fault?

If I was at fault, buying liability coverage ONLY will not help pay for my medical costs or damage to my or other vehicles correct?

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September 07, 2015

While you need an auto insurance agent to fully address all of you questions, you can find out more about insurance requirements for ride sharing in this article on MoneyTips.

Insurance and Shared Riding Services

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September 08, 2015

Your personal auto policy likely won't cover you while using it for business or UBER/LYFT. In fact, many - if not most, commercial insurers won't even accept this risk. It's best to contact an independent agent who represents many carriers as they will know which insurers will accept the risk, get you proper coverage and are likely have options on price. An agent specializing in commercial insurance or commercial auto insurance more specifically, will save you a lot of time. Liability coverage will cover damage to others property and depending on your state - cover medical costs to a certain amount. It won't cover property damage to or theft of your vehicle.

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