FinBucket raises Rs 12cr from Impanix capital to expand, a Loans & Investments marketplace, has raised INR 12 crore from Impanix Capital.

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FinBucket raises Rs 12cr from Impanix capital to expand
December 13, 2017, aLoans & Investments marketplace,has raised INR 12 crore from Impanix Capital. FinBucket platform helps to connect lenders and borrowers in India more efficiently by providing a user-friendly experience for consumers and leveraging a broader set of data than has traditionally been available to financial institutions in the market.

FinBucket currently offers personal loan, home loan, business loan, credit card&mutual funds. Their unique match machine algorithms increases the chances of loan approval by connecting consumers to the right lending partner.

FinBucketintends to use these funds in the growth of their business and reaching out people who are need in need of secured loans as well as of unsecured loans. FinBucket is dedicated to serve their customer during the entire loan process and help them in each step through the whole procedure.FinBucket also plans to foray into insurance products including life insurance, health insurance&car insurance

The firm will use the funds to expand its team from the current 55+ to more than 200 and set up full service offices in metro cities. It also intends to improve its technology platform.

"We, at FinBucket help businesses in getting flexible loans in a simple and capable way and are open to all financial institutions to lend from us" said ParitGarg, co-founder of FinBucket.

"Our aim is to invest this money in building our technology and operational team. We will focus on the unserved segment of the market e.g. people who are not getting loans because of poor or no credit score. We will scale-up the team to 200 people over the next 6 months," said HeenaJain, Co-founder of FinBucket.

With the fund raise, FinBucket has started hiring a management team from top consulting firms and other large tech startups to build its loan offering stronger. The startup has also brought seniorfinance veteran, Mr. Rk Jain, as an advisor on board.

The company has already set up a 24x7 free helpline service where all the people who need loans whether for business purpose or personal reasons can get in touch with experts and resolve their queries related to it.

FinBucket is a fresh start up and is emerging as a powerful online platform for business with frequent working capital needs and also for the common man to tackle financial difficulties in day-to-day life. Till now the company has served more 10500+ customers in getting their loan.

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