Financial Force of Star Wars

Billions Earned are Out of this World!

Financial Force of Star Wars
December 14, 2015 The Star Wars franchise is one of the world’s highest-grossing film series, but has made even more money from merchandising toys, games, books, clothing, and more. Ahead of Disney's release of Episode 7 – The Force Awakens this week, take a look at our infographic above for a breakdown of the $27 billion the franchise earned before this year. Amazed you will be!
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Erin | 12.15.15 @ 15:17
This doesn't surprise me at all. This franchise is huge. My husband's company has rented an entire theater so everyone can see the newest movie this week.
Carla | 12.15.15 @ 15:17
Wow! Very impressive numbers with this movie. I can't wait to see it!
Sarah | 12.15.15 @ 15:18
Star Wars has always been amazing, from the actual movies to the fandom they inspire and now seeing the money aspect I am just in awe...
Beverly | 12.15.15 @ 15:18
The numbers are absolutely mind boggling, yet not surprising with such a popular movie franchise. I just hope it lives up to the hype.
Elaine | 12.15.15 @ 15:24
Not surprising since the movie franchise is so big and well liked.
irene | 12.15.15 @ 15:29
Not surprising considering how many fans there are.
Victor | 12.15.15 @ 15:31
Its not surprising and wait till this one comes out with all the hype
Amanda | 12.15.15 @ 15:32
Wow, I knew it was huge but that those numbers...a bit surprising actually that it has made that much. I myself hate Star Wars and everything it has to offer but my wife and son love it.
Nancy | 12.15.15 @ 15:33
Those are some incredible numbers. & I can't see it lives in value anytime soon. Star Wars is an incredible saga and money maker.
Joanne grant | 12.15.15 @ 15:43
It is truly amazing to me the amount of influence that these movies have had on the economy. I also would love to see how the toy licensing and other gear licensing has changed since Disney has now taken over.
Anna | 12.15.15 @ 16:01
I have been buying Star Wars stuff for my son every Christmas for the past 30 years. This is no surprise to me.
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