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We're a Fee-Only (no products sold) firm in NJ. Our typical clients are women or married couples in their 40s or older with at least $1 million of investment assets.

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This is my 10th year with Kaplan Financial Advisors in Berkeley Heights NJ. I love helping my clients "grow their dreams" by replacing financial uncertainty and guesswork with prudent investment management and financial planning principles. I have 30 years of investment experience, including work as an equities analyst and portfolio manager. I put this background to good use when managing client assets. My Fee-Only firm puts client interests first by avoiding an unhealthy mix of advice + product sales. Our clients are single women and couples facing retirement in the coming 10-15 years, or are already retired. I. For more information go to our website http://www.kaplanfinancialadvisors.com Money is a very emotional issue; the financial world is too complex to navigate alone! Call or email us anytime for more information.

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I like rolling old 401(k)'s into one IRA, because it's easier to manage and keep track of. There are other reasons you may, may not want to do this, and it's best to b...