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Investment Advisor/Manager. Disciplined method that helps protect you from losing money.

President, Carlson Wealth Management at Carlson Wealth Management in San Diego, CA


A quarter century of experience as an investment adviser in San Diego has taught me some very important lessons when it comes to investment wealth management. The most important of which is to know when to protect your principal. Traditional wall street investment advice follows Modern Portfolio Theory which suggests that the best approach is to diversify and always be invested. This buy and hold approach is not a strategy, but a posture and history has shown this approach to be financially and emotionally painful because when the markets go down all diversification may result in are diversified losses. You don't have to go back any further than 2008 to know what I mean.... At Carlson Wealth Management one of the key investment principles that we believe in is the old adage that a good defense wins championships! Therefore, my wealth management practice follows proven investing disciplines dating back to the early 1900's found in the practice of Point & Figure analysis with an emphasis in the high growth approach of relative strength investing to advise my clients WHERE to invest for the greatest probability of success combined with a proprietary downside protection model to help determine WHEN to be invested. >>> For our FREE report "How Strong Is Your Portfolio" visit us at <<<

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Year started: 1989


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