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Year started: 1978


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Asked by Mala
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®PRO+ in Redmond, WA
Hi - First off, never believe anything a debt collector tells you. They are still second-in-line to the first mortgagor. They can and will sue you for the money. F...
Asked by judith
Answered by Ted Rood, Mortgage BrokerPRO+ in Maryland Heights, MO
Any liens on title have to be released before a property can be conveyed from one owner to another. If you've got a second and wanted to sell the home, it would have ...
Asked by an anonymous user
Answered by Kim Miller, CFP®PRO+ in Redmond, WA
Hi - it sounds like you're in a hard spot. The best advice I can give you is to check with a bankruptcy attorney in your local area. You really need legal advice that...