Dollars for Drugs and Doctors

Spending in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dollars for Drugs and Doctors
November 23, 2015 How much do you spend on prescription drugs? Take a look at our infographic to learn how much Americans spend on pharmaceuticals and how our medical system wastes hundreds of billions of dollars.
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Sarah | 11.23.15 @ 16:23
These are such sad numbers! The price of medication and medical care is insane. I was given a script recently where the per pill cost was $10 and I was supposed to take one, then another if the first didn't work. I am far too poor to take a $10 pill and it not work!
Carla | 11.23.15 @ 19:01
My meds cost me a lot more now than 2 years ago. I am having to pick and choose which ones I get now.
Steffanie | 11.23.15 @ 19:02
The amount of meds is literally sickening. We have not filled prescriptions before because of the cost.
Kamie | 11.23.15 @ 19:03
I knew things were high, but when it is placed in "black and white" the reality of it is sad.
Erin | 11.23.15 @ 19:04
There is so much that needs to be fixed in our health care system. The money we could be saving could go back into research or so many other worthwhile causes. Very sad.
Meredith L | 11.23.15 @ 19:06
That's Big Pharma for you. Anything to make a buck, keep us sick, and perpetuate the need for more medicine. When I was in the hospital, I asked for an itemized bill. It was $12 for a Tylenol!
joann | 11.23.15 @ 19:07
Sad that it cost so much to stay healthy, and there still be a lot of sick people who don't get treatment.
Sara | 11.23.15 @ 19:07
This is sad. It is bad that people who need meds cannot get them due to the cost.
Amanda | 11.23.15 @ 19:10
These numbers are mind blowing!!! No wonder people are in debt and or can't afford to go to the doctors...210 billion% in unnessaccary tests, 190$billion in paperwork!!! I am so glad that I don't have to go to the drs very much or have any medications that are needed.
Daniel | 11.23.15 @ 19:10
You know it costs alot but seeing it all laid out visually is stunning
Christina | 11.23.15 @ 19:15
My in-laws have to pick which medication they can have filled each month because of the price. If they were to fill all them it would be more than their house payment each month.
Beverly | 11.23.15 @ 19:15
That's amazing the amount spent!!! Mind boggling
Owen | 11.23.15 @ 20:06
The costs just keep rising and the health care just keeps getting worse.
Ron | 11.24.15 @ 15:06
The kicker to follow ups with a general practitioner is that they lack the experience and the specialty skill to address anything post-op or anything that may be affected by a condition outside of their general internal medicine qualifications. I am always referred back to my specialist by my family doctor.
Angelo | 06.30.18 @ 09:37
Medications are ridiculously overpriced in some instances, leaving sickly people with no real financial support and often having to choose between bills or medicine. It's sad.
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