Asked by Martha  |  Submitted December 18, 2013

Does my 21-year-old need his own auto insurance?

My 21-year-old has saved up enough money to buy a used Corvette, but can't afford the insurance. He says he's allowed to stay on my insurance until he's 26. is that true? Can't I make him get his own insurance?

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December 18, 2013

It sounds like your son is confusing health insurance rules with auto insurance rules. Most insurance companies look at who owns the vehicles and who lives in the household to determine which vehicles and drivers to combine on a single policy. It sounds like your son owns the Corvette, so if he lives in a separate household from you, he will need a separate policy. If he does live in the same household as you, some companies will allow him to be on your policy but he will need to add the Corvette to your policy to ensure it is properly covered. Most companies provide Multi-Car Discounts so his premiums will likely be lower if he is on your policy. You should speak with your insurer or insurance agent to determine how your insurance company would handle this specific situation.

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December 19, 2013

I agree with Scott and would like to add that in many states the owner of the vehicle is obligated to purchase insurance in their name. Often, companies limit policies to vehicles either jointly owned or owned by spouses residing in the same household. The other serious, financial consideration is that if you insure the car in your name, you become the legally responsible party for any injuries that may be caused by this vehicle. If a ticket is issued, such as to the vehicle beingparked illegally or driving through a "fast-lane" improperly, the ticket is issued to the registered owner which could be the parent. We have seen this cause points on parent's license when their child ignores inspection laws or parking rules. The parent receives the points. If a parent chooses to insure a car for their child, they should be sure to purchase good liability coverage and be sure the child is named as the Primary operator of that vehicle. Any misleading information can result in a claim being denied.

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