Asked by Julie Long  |  Submitted March 12, 2015

Does anyone refi manufactured homes?

I am very frustrated at the lack of options to refinance my mortgage.. Yes, my home is a manufactured home, it's 20 years old now. My husband was a Realtor after retiring from the Military after 25 years service. He has since passed and I want to refinance our home which sits on 1/2 acre. I had the front and back patio attached to our home. When I took the first mortgage out, it was for home improvements. My home is not your standard manufactured home in that my husband used a company that built their homes stronger than just the regular guidelines for this type of home. Then we sat down and upgraded the home more. Most people including myself can't believe, "mobile home, or manufactured home" when looking at my home.

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March 12, 2015

There are some that do and some that don't. I would call Community 1st Bank in Kennewick and ask for Rick Peenstra. He would point you in the right direction.

Tom Doncaster CLU, CWM, RFC

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