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Do you have cash value insurance plans

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February 09, 2016

Short answer is "yes", we do. Curious about the request, however. Here is why. ALL permanent insurance plans have a cash value component. But not all of the plans are the same. True Whole Life (WL) is not the same as Universal Life (UL), and there is a variant of UL called Indexed UL that does a very good job of building cash value. Since there are a number of ways to get to the thing called cash value, the important thing in my mind is your goal. That will point to which product would best do the job. Brief example: I want cash to accumulate over time. At a point 25 years from now, I want 50K in cash to have accumulated. I can come at that in a couple of ways, but the one thing that is central to building cash accumulation in life insurance policies is that the shorter you want the accumulation phase to be, and the greater you want the accumulation to be, the more money you will need to commit to principal. I chose IUL for the job, and it is working very well for me. To get YOUR specific goal to become a reality, we would need to look at some of the details that matter to you, such as: how much cash accumulation are you looking for, how soon do you see yourself using any or all of it, does the premium necessary to get that accumulation to happen in your budget?

Interestingly enough, one client who is 53 asked me the same question that you are asking. She also mentioned that she has 3 adult children with the youngest being 21. At a point, I suggested to her that buying cash value life insurance might work better is she purchased it on someone younger than 53, She would own the plan, which makes her the owner of the cash value. She could own plans on all 3, in fact. See how this can get creative? My contact info is available at I would be happy to hear from you.


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March 05, 2016

Yes, I have a multitude of companies that offer cash value insurance plans. If you're in Washington, give my office a call.

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