Discover Offers Free Credit Score To All Consumers

Anyone can access their credit score for free via a new Discover program even if they do not have a credit card

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Discover Offers Free Credit Score To All Consumers
June 20, 2025

Discover has made it easier for consumers to stay on top of their credit score with its new Credit Scorecard program. This program does not require the consumer to have a Discover or any other credit card. All they have to do is visit the Credit Scorecard website and register for free. They will then be able to view their FICO credit score as often as they like.

Discover runs this program along with Experian and FICO. The team had made the website free for a number of reasons. Julie Loeger, Discover’s chief marketing officer, said that Discover cardholders reacted very positively in 2013 when Discover began providing free credit scores on users’ monthly statements and online. The company has looked to expand that program. Loeger also discussed how the program provides marketing for Discover; the company hopes that that in turn will attract more consumers.

The only difference between the current free credit score offered to Discover cardholders and scores offered through Credit Scorecard is that cardholders’ scores are provided by TransUnion rather than Experian.

In order to join the program, consumers must provide basic information and their Social Security number. A number of security questions will confirm their identity. Once confirmed, they will be able to view their score. The program will update credit scores at least once every 30 days.

Discover will not provide any consumer data to other companies or mailing lists.

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