Digital Marketing Techniques - Your start up must know

Chakshu Arora
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Digital Marketing Techniques - Your start up must know
June 14, 2018

In this article, we will see some important digital marketing techniques that can helps the start up to grow or make an impact online. It includes the following:

Content marketing

It is the strategic marketing approach in which main focus is on creating and maintaining valuable, relevant and the consistent data to attract and retain the audience and hence drive to the profitable customer action. Content marketing is used by many prominent and leading brands like P&G, Microsoft, cisco systems etc. not only the leading brand but small and large businesses also use this.

To make content marketing strategy effective, you need to do research and discover what people are sharing the most in your niche. This will help you to analyse what topics, content and headlines work with your kind of internet marketing campaign. Amplification of your content marketing strategy is another important technique.

Search engine optimisation (seo)

Seo is evergreen digital marketing techniques that are considered as effective in optimising online presence of business in SERPs. It is the practice of increasing the number of visitors through organic search engine results.

Use of marketing automation

It is also considered one of the most powerful digital marketing technique. Many organisations still have potential for enhancing their automation as a research.About marketing automation, HubSpot says- At its best, marketing automation is software and tactics that allow companies to buy and sell like Amazon — that is, to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers.”

Use of social media marketing

It also includes social CRM and social customer care.It is very important to stay updated with trending social media platforms as social media is popular in some countries- but with lessened prevalence of some social networks in a few nations. You can do social media marketing in twitter, Facebook,Instagram, snapchat, pin interest etc. depend upon which social media is best fit for your kind of business

Mobilemarketing (mobile advertising, application development and websites)

It is the multi-channel, in which we can reach to the target audience on their smart phones, tablets or other devices with the help of websites, email, sms, mms, social media etc. Most of the people spend hours on their devices which makes it most successful techniques of digital marketing.

Use of CRO to enhance experiences

It is the systematic process to increase the website includes how users move through the website, what actions they likely take and obstacles faced by them from completing your goals. Conversion rate optimization is considered as one of the most powerful digital marketing techniques that not only help you analyse your internet marketing techniques for the campaign but also help you use techniques that can boost your sales in more data driven and result-oriented fashion.

Display advertising, affiliate, co-marketing, and other new digital marketing techniques

Display advertising is a type of internet marketing that comes in several forms, such as banner ads, ad networks on Social Media, rich media and more. Communities are branded niche or vertical communities that help marketers build networks of influencers to promote their brand more enthusiastically and ensure better engagements.There are some other new techniques for digital marketing like using wearables, digital OOH etc.

So there are few important digital marketing techniques which can be used by the any start up as well as by well-established organisations.

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