Credit Cards Offer Rewards For Adding Authorized Users

Credit card companies give bonuses to cardholders who add more users to their account

Credit Cards Offer Rewards For Adding Authorized Users
July 19, 2016

Credit cards often reward users with bonus points for shopping at certain stores, for travel, or for making specific purchases. Now, several card companies are offering benefits to those who add extra users to their credit card accounts.

These authorized users will receive their own credit card in their name, which accesses the same card account. The primary user is the only one authorized to do things such as close the account, request a credit limit increase, and add more users.

The account holder is also the only one responsible for payments. Defaulting on the monthly payment only affects the primary account holder's credit, not any of the authorized users. This is why cardholders are cautioned to only add people they trust to their accounts.

However, adding authorized users does have many benefits, such as making it easier for a spouse to make purchases, or to assist someone with building up their credit. Now, cardholders can also take advantage of some bonuses from different card companies.

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