Covering College Costs (Infographic)

From Savings to Scholarships

Covering College Costs (Infographic)
August 11, 2016

How do you plan to pay for your kids' college education? Or your own? Check out our infographic above to get the latest figures on how Americans pay for higher education, and how much price is a factor when it comes to choosing a college.

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Carla | 08.11.16 @ 16:12
It baffles me at what it costs just to get an education. Something needs to be done about this.
Meredith L | 08.11.16 @ 16:13
This is really no big surprise. In my experience, going to online college as an adult, I was pretty much reliant on federal loans. I didn't qualify for a lot of scholarships because I wasn't a senior in high school.
Erin | 08.11.16 @ 16:13
It's no wonder so many people are not able to go to college anymore. Prices have skyrocketed since I went, and it was expensive then. I definitely chose my school based on cost because my parents couldn't afford much. I'm not looking forward to having to deal with this when my kids go.
Nancy | 08.11.16 @ 16:14
The part that I find most interesting is the fact that so many students not able to save for retirement because of student loans. They affect you for the rest of your life.
trish | 08.11.16 @ 16:14
I am in the percent of those worrying about saving for college, and our kids are 8 and 5. ugh they should make this more attainable for all!
Daniel | 08.11.16 @ 16:15
Education cost are just plain out of control. Countries around the world value education and make it affordable if not free .. this is one place money should not be the end game goal
Shannon | 08.11.16 @ 16:18
Prices are getting out of hand. I have 2 college age kids neither of them are in college right now because they do not want the debt. My oldest has done 1 year and is working to pay for his second year.
irene | 08.11.16 @ 16:19
It's staggering what it can cost to get a decent education
Elaine | 08.11.16 @ 16:21
College is so stinking expensive and honestly I'm not sure if it actually prepares you for the real workforce. Something you just have to learn with experience. Save up for college seems to be the best option.
joann | 08.11.16 @ 16:21
Lots of great information. It is terrible the costs associated with a higher education, Unfortunate that one usually winds up in debt before they actually get to earn a living.
Selena | 08.11.16 @ 16:23
I worked before and during my college years, and paid for every last class on my own. I'm worried my children (all special needs) won't be able to do the same thing, and struggle with finances when it comes to attending college.
Bobbie | 08.11.16 @ 16:24
I am in the middle of financial aid red tape with my younger daughter. Its a nightmare, even for A community college.
grantvl2 | 08.12.16 @ 18:19
You missed an entire group... Granted that less than 1% of society volunteer for Military service, but of that one percent, I would wager that a majority use one type or the other of their Montgomery GI Bill and/or tuition assistance at the state or federal level.
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