Asked by beverlycrousept  |  Submitted April 11, 2016

Could being a co-borrower on my mother's mortgage possibly cause me to potentially lose my disability?

I receive SSA Disability of $24,778.48. I live with my mother while she is in need and rent the home that I own but only break even on it because I pay a mortgage plus there are lots of maintenance issues. Could I lose my disability? I can't work. Too many health problems

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April 21, 2016

The answer to you question is no. Being a borrower of any kind is not going to effect your eligibility for disability. Social Security Disability is dependent upon earned income. You can have earned income in the range of $1,000/mo and still qualify. Rental income is considered investment income and should not be considered towards that limit. If you had the property in a LLC as a business holding then the income could pass through to you as earned income but that does not seem to be the case. You should not have any concerns.

Beverly | 04.23.16 @ 09:55

Wow. Thank you so much for answering me. This was so very kind of you. I appreciate the thoroughness of your answer. You took me seriously even though you see I am financially "poor". I am going to share your info around here in Rockingham and my friends in Raleigh and Charlotte...well everyone!


Beverly | 04.23.16 @ 10:07

I've got about $1300.00 left over in a Valic account from where I had to withdraw my retirement for emergency disability back in 2012 December. I have straightened out my taxes for that and making payments to the IRS. But is there a better way I could be investing that money? It has not budged. Could I not be a little riskier with it? I mean I'm 56 and on permanent SSA. I would like to just invest in something like Uber or Apple or something outrageously cheap right now that is probably going to make it big in the future. Is that enough money to buy stock in something? Thanks. Beverly

Jeremy Bryant
Senior Financial Consultant & Financial Educator in Charlotte, NC | 04.23.16 @ 13:33

Beverly, While I cannot give Investment advise on here. I would say that being in the market with only $1300.00 doesn't make much sense, especially if you cannot add to it, in mutual funds or something that doesn't have significant upside potential. Even at 8% return it would take 9 years to double. Since its a retirement account and your not working you can't. Given your sole source of income is SS disability you cod most likely pull that money out of the Retirement account without any tax consequences. This would likely give you the ability to open up online brokerage account with companies like TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, E-trade, etc. This would give you access to basic and advanced research on some of the companies your are interested investing in with more risk. I would caution against penny stocks (really cheap) investments they are generally worse than going to the casino. Thank you for referring me if you can. The best way to reach me is through email. My email is

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