What We Spend On Valentine's Day (2016 Infographic)

Counting the Cost of Valentine's Day

What We Spend On Valentine's Day (2016 Infographic)
February 12, 2016

Experts expect Americans to spend nearly $20 billion for Valentine’s Day, including $680 million on our pets! It may be true that you can’t buy love, but over half of women surveyed say they would dump their man if they didn’t get a Valentine’s Day gift. Learn more about the cost of Valentine’s Day, and see how it compares to last year.

See our other infographic to learn how much we spent on Valentine's Day in 2019.

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Brittany | 02.10.16 @ 21:01
It's really crazy how much money we spend for Valentine's day. I've dropped $65 already and I'm not done...
Carla | 02.10.16 @ 21:02
Oh my goodness! I would hurt my husband if he spent that much for Valentines Day. That is a lot of money for flowers that pretty much die in a week.
Erin | 02.10.16 @ 21:02
I'm always amazed by how much is spent on a day like Valentine's Day. I see that, generally speaking, as people get older the spending goes down. I think people start to realize that there is not a single day where you get to declare your love for someone. It's so nice to get surprises throughout the year just because someone was thinking about you.
Kailie | 02.10.16 @ 21:02
This is a lot of awesome information. I never would have guessed just how much we spend for valentine's day, even though I figured it was rather high.
Alec | 02.10.16 @ 21:04
I'm sad to hear how insane the spending for the holiday is. I spent a couple dollars on yarn to make my husband a stuffed animal. He's baking me a cake. I would not divorce or leave him for not getting me anything! My daughter is making us both cards.
Kyle | 02.10.16 @ 21:04
Oh wow! That is a lot of money for sure. However, it doesn't surprise me. I'm looking to spend a good deal on my girl this weekend.
Nancy | 02.10.16 @ 21:04
That's a lot of money for what I think is a silly holiday.
Bobbie | 02.10.16 @ 21:04
Glad my hubby and I don;t buy into the Valentine's Day Junk. Rather spend money on something else, and not go out to crowded places just for a greeting card day. I'll be happy with pizza and a movie at home with the family
Christina | 02.10.16 @ 21:04
It's interesting reading this. I'm from the south and we do spend on Valentine's Day.
gracie | 02.10.16 @ 21:05
Oh wow~! It looks like I am a most unloving person to have in your life lol. I never buy presents or trinkets or anything. I do plan mystery dinner parties and things for everyone but that is pretty much cost of food and recycled/guest contribution. Even on a spectacular year I don't think I have ever spent anywhere near that much? Note to self "show more love to those that are important to you"
irene | 02.10.16 @ 21:07
My husband and I really don't spend all that much for Valentine's day interesting though to see what others spend on
Jackie | 02.10.16 @ 21:09
After 50 years of marriage I've told my husband not to spend money on flowers or candy for holidays. There are so many more things we need than flowers and candy.
steven | 02.10.16 @ 21:10
Who knew love cost so much lol... But seriously why make prices higher just because of a day. That is a lot of money spent.
George | 02.10.16 @ 21:11
Wow seeing it in writing, how much we spend. It's crazy.
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