Consumer Confidence In Buying Homes Online Has Increased

Survey shows homebuyers have become more comfortable navigating the home buying process themselves

Consumer Confidence In Buying Homes Online Has Increased
April 1, 2016, an online brokerage firm, has released the results of a survey regarding confidence in the property-buying process and in using the Internet to find and make real estate purchases. The company asked 1,000 potential new buyers a number of questions that, when analyzed, shows that consumers are fairly confident that they understand how to purchase a home and are more self-reliant.

Out of those who responded, 69 percent stated that they would rate their knowledge of the home-buying process as either an A or a B, showing that they are quite confident in their understanding of the market and of the mortgage process.

Several questions asked participants about using the Internet in their search for a property. A total of 73 percent stated that they would use the Internet to search for homes, while 53 percent said they would book property tours online. Another 43 percent said they would use online financing products, while 27 percent would actually make an offer online.

Homebuyers are also looking for more technologically advanced homes with luxuries. Almost 30 percent said they wanted a smart kitchen, while another 19 stated they would prefer a property with a spa bathroom. About a third (33 percent) want to move up to a nicer house, while 25 percent are looking to invest in real estate. Finally, another 24 percent have stated that they would consider relocating.

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STOKES | 04.01.16 @ 14:51
I've worked in the housing industry and seen what happens when you buy a property online. I wouldn't do it personally.
Sarah | 04.01.16 @ 14:52
I am not sure my confidence will ever be that high! good it works out for some though.
Chrisitna | 04.01.16 @ 14:52
I love being able to look at homes online and have access to all the relevant information right there. It really simplifies the whole process - though I still wouldn't want to purchase a home without viewing it in person!
Carla | 04.01.16 @ 14:53
I might search on the internet for a home but I would not go the buying process without a professional to advise me.
Erin | 04.01.16 @ 14:53
I would love to be able to do as much as possible online, but there is no way I would actually purchase a home without seeing it first and getting all of the needed details beforehand. I'm just not that much of a risk-taker. I can see this becoming more popular in the future though.
Jo Ann | 04.01.16 @ 14:54
I am glad to see that consumers are using the internet to see what is out there. Virtual tours are helpful because they can weed out homes a person isn't interested in buying, It also allows more choice.
Heather | 04.01.16 @ 14:54
There are some great websites to show you houses for sale. I personally would only use it as a tool. Is have to see thevpropwrty in person before ever making an offer.
irene | 04.01.16 @ 14:59
Interesting. I didn't even realize you could make an offer online
trish | 04.01.16 @ 15:06
I would never purchase a house online! I need to see with my own eyes to make decisions that big
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