Confidence Gap In Home Buying Between Men And Women (Infographic)

Discover the Differences between how Men and Women perceive the Mortgage Market

Confidence Gap In Home Buying Between Men And Women (Infographic)
June 2, 2016

Recent research shows that there are distinct differences in the way men and women view home buying. With women dominating the single homebuyer market at the moment, their opinions on the security of the American housing market may have a significant impact on its future. Discover more about the confidence gap between men and women homebuyers in the above infographic from ValueInsured, a provider of down payment insurance.

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Image by PRNewsFoto/ValueInsured

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Erin | 05.27.16 @ 23:02
This doesn't surprise me at all. My husband and I have differing views when it comes to taking on debt as well - he has much more confidence doing it than I do. We've done just fine, but it still makes me nervous sometimes.
Nancy | 05.27.16 @ 23:04
I think some of that has to do with the way each gender is treated in society. Women have been taught to defer to men for too long.
Steffanie | 05.27.16 @ 23:08
I have to say my husband is much more comfortable with making the decisions about owning our home. I was pretty stressed when we bought our house and he was confident we would be fine. Don't tell anyone, but he was right.
Carla | 05.27.16 @ 23:11
I am not surprised at the numbers here. I was a total mess when we were making our home buying decisions. I don't know if I could have made that leap of faith without my husband there.
Heather | 05.27.16 @ 23:14
With both my husband currently in finance and myself having been in that proffession I think I would feel just as confident. But I can see how it could be intimidating.
Selena | 05.27.16 @ 23:15
I can say I'm so uneasy about the idea of owning my own home, that I'm actually happier renting.
Elaine | 05.27.16 @ 23:27
I think it has to do more with personalities than it does gender. Typically I think more like men on these types of topics than even my hubs does.
Victor colon | 05.27.16 @ 23:40
I consider that it is not about gender, more likely it would be personalities, on how someone can manage themselves getting a house and moving to that step.
Leah | 05.27.16 @ 23:47
Does this graph take into account single income homes? Or such? I feel like these numbers could be so different depending on the demographic asked.
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